50,000-year-old Lake Turns Pink In India, Experts Wonders Why (Photo)


Many people have been left without an answer – including experts as a 50,000 year-old lake suddenly turned pink in India, Brainnews report.

50,000-year-old Lake Turns Pink In India, Experts Wonders Why
Lonar Lake In India

The Lake known as Lonar Lake is situated in the state of Maharashtra have been seen going on a pink nature which is so unusual.

Experts while reacting to the incident said that it is likely due to the increase salinity in the water, or due to the presence of algae or might be a combination of both.

This have gone like parts of Great Salt Lake in Utah or Lake Hillier in Australia.

A local geologist, Gajanan Kharat have made known in a video posted to Maharashtra Tourism’s Twitter feed, that this has happened before, but was not as prominent.

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He was heard saying; “The water looks red this year due to the increase in the salinity of the water,” “This have caused the lake to become shallower, due to the amount of water thst has reduced in the lake, and this action has left the watering going up in its salinity level and has caused some internal changes.”

Researchers are also investigating if the presence of red algae caused the colour change in the Lake, Kharat said.

“Samples of water from the Lake are being sent to several labs and once they have studied it we will be able to definitively say why the lake’s water has suddenly turned red.”

500 kilometers (311 miles) east of Mumbai is where the Lake is located. It was formed after a meteorite hit the Earth about 50,000 years ago.

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Lonar Lake happens to be a popular tourist attraction, and has been studied by scientists across the globe.