Users To Send And Receive Money For Free, As WhatsApp Add New Feature

Users To Send And Receive Money For Free, As WhatsApp Add New Feature

Following the test phase done in India, WhatsApp has announced that its users can now send and receive money on its platform for free.

Users To Send And Receive Money For Free, As WhatsApp Add New Feature

The service which is now available to Brazil users and WhatsApp is yet to say when it will be launch to other part of the world.

WhatsApp users are to send and receive this funds through Facebook Pay. Previously, Facebook said that it payment system will land in various applications, and practically it has landed on WhatsApp.

Using this system to send and receive money attract no charge which goes between users, well for now. But, businesses are to pay a 3.99% commission direct to WhatsApp.

To use this service, users are to link the respective bank card to their Whatsapp account. Using this service, WhatsApp has setup a secure transactions with a fingerprint sensor or by using a six-digit PIN code.

Currently, WhatsApp has more than 2 (two) billion users worldwide. In Brazil, nearly all its citizens uses WhatsApp to interact. This is why WhatsApp is so interested in Brazil market. The WhatsApp payment system might not end well or sound pleasant for its competitors.

The WhatsApp team while reacting on its official blog said; “We have started to deliver our payment system in Brazil, and it will go around to other users around the world in no distant time.”

Also, new feature to expect from WhatsApp is the multi-device access, among other features. WhatsApp has said that it has started test running this service. This feature would allow multi access to one WhatsApp from different devices at the same which currently impossible. What this simply means is that you can use a particular WhatsApp account on an Android device and can still use same WhatsApp account on a windows device at the same time.

Users To Send And Receive Money For Free, As WhatsApp Add New Feature

From our research, it can be seen that this WhatsApp multi-device access would work on four (4) devices at the same time. This update or feature is still under development. But, what we could not ascertain at this time is the launch date.

WhatsApp have been anticipating this feature (multi-device access) since the launch of its messaging application in 2009. This feature is currently, unavailable.

Other new features WhatsApp is currently testing include; searching by date, new tools for using memory, sorting of photos in a chat – by using newness or size, function to delete saved messages; except those that are marked, among other features.


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