White House Top Lawyer Noel Francisco Set To Resign

White House Top Lawyer Noel Francisco Set To Resign

Noel Francisco – a United States government’s top advocate at the Supreme Court according to a closed person is expected to resign, Brainnews has learnt.

White House Top Lawyer Noel Francisco Set To Resign
Noel Francisco

Francisco has defended numerous President Donald Trump’s policies which include; the controversial travel ban on people from Muslim countries.

When Francisco depart through resignation, it would mark the second departure of a senior Justice Department official in just two days.

Just few days ago, it was announced that Brian Benczkowski, a top prosecutor overseeing its criminal division will suspend his post in early July 2020.

The United States Justice Department, along the Attorney General – William Barr have met series of criticism after dropping a criminal charge against Michael Flynn, who happens to be a former top adviser who revealed he lied to FBI.

Other criticism was the fact that the U.S. Justice Department and Attorney General – William Barr prioritized President Trump’s close friends and allies.

The Office of the Solicitor General, a division of the Justice Department has been led by Francisco dated back from 2017 which defends the government policies against legal challenges.

According to a person closed to Francisco who asked to remain anonymous reveals that just like Benczkowski, Francisco had plans to quit his job in the early 2020 or later at several times.

Also, the anonymous person revealed that Jeff Wall, a top deputy to Francisco would serve as acting solicitor general while the White House search for his replacement.

In 2018, he won a notable victory while defending President Trump’s ban on people from six (6) Muslim countries entering the U.S., the victory went in a 5-4 decision.

A spokeswoman from the Justice Department has refused to speak on this issue.

The Supreme Court term which began in October 2019 nears its end as this might contribute to the resignation of Francisco.

Francisco is of Filipino descent, and he very lucky to become the first Asian-American to hold the job of solicitor general.

He is a 50-year-old.


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