10 Things Never To Do Or Try In China

10 Things Never To Do Or Try In China

Traveling to China can be quit exciting and a dream come true. But, while staying in China you need to respect its culture, social ideas and manners.

10 Things Never To Do Or Try In China
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While you enjoy your stay in China, below are 10 (ten) things never to indulge in:

1. Don’t Discuss Sensitive Topics (Political Issues)

10 Things Never To Do Or Try In China

There are somethings you should never discuss in China, especially in Public places.

Never discuss death in China, the Chinese people takes death as serious issue.

Avoid giving white gifts or wrapping items on white ribbons to people in China, this is due to the fact that white colour signify death.

Another thing you should never discuss in China is political and religious issues, territorial and economic conflicts, religious policies, or even state leaders, the Chinese people takes this as an embarrassment to their country especially when a foreigner is involved.

2. Never Disrespect The Customs Of Minority Groups And Temples

10 Things Never To Do Or Try In China

China has 55 minority groups. Each of this group has its own traditions and customs.

Objects related to worship and ancestors in China are generally not allowed to be touched by anyone especially foreigners. It is advisable to ask or take permission before touching such items or objects.

China has many Buddhist and Taoist temples, so when visiting such places do well to respect them.

It is best to remove your hat, sunglasses, or your shoes while entering many temples in China, also don’t use your fingers to point your fingers at this statues.

3. Don’t Ever Make Close Personal Contact (Like Hug Or Kiss)

10 Things Never To Do Or Try In China

The Chinese are less affectionate in the public than any other culture. In this regard, when you meet a stranger in China greet him or her verbally instead of shaking hands. Avoid hugging or kissing, but as we said earlier you are to bow, wave or greet verbally.

In many countries of the world, in regards to traditions and religion, the human head is taken to be sacred than any part of the body, and here touching could be considered very disrespectful.

4. Don’t Forget To Take Your Own Toilet Paper

10 Things Never To Do Or Try In China

Top hotels in China provides tissue papers for its customers, while restrooms in many other places might not provide any.

In places like; restaurants, a train, or even in supermarkets you might find tissue dispensers but it is empty.

Never flush toilet paper in public restrooms in China, instead just put it in a trash bin.

So, always run around with your own tissue paper to avoid disappointment.

This situation might not end soon due to the large population in China.

5. Never Travel on Your Own Unless You Are Skilled in Chinese Language

10 Things Never To Do Or Try In China

Never travel around Chinese cities on your own, this is due to language barriers in the country. Many don’t understand English and might help ruin your travel or visit to China.

Chinese would be ready to help, but language barrier would help elongate this help.

Places like – the airports, railway stations, hotels offers English services, but other places may not.

6. Don’t Use Unlicensed Transportation Services

10 Things Never To Do Or Try In China

When in airports, or train stations you will see drivers urging people (passengers) to use their cars. It is not recommended to try such actions or service as such might bring in more problems due to the language barrier and unlicensed providers. It is only encouraged to be used by the locals.

Using a license bus will help you in getting to your destination with ease as the driver will drop you in the appropriate bus stations.

License buses or legal taxi comes with its company name on the doors, as well as a lamp on top of the car indicating that it is a taxi.

In this situation, the legal drivers will use a meter to calculate the fee you are to pay and rather than using a random method of payment.

7. Don’t Expect Interpersonal Communications to Be the Same

10 Things Never To Do Or Try In China

If you are in China to meet for business, tourist or visitation, ensure you go with gifts for those you will meet. The rightful gifts can help build relationship as it will give people joy.

In China, items like shoes, pears, sharp objects and clocks might be considered unlucky, or something unpleasant, so avoid giving them out as gifts.

Also, in China, you can never share restaurant bills. So, the person hosting might be embarrassed if you get involved. When taking someone out ensure you pay the entire bill yourself.

8. Don’t Rely on Your Credit Card

10 Things Never To Do Or Try In China

Your credit card in China might not be as useful as in your country. If you try to use it in restaurant or shop the owners might look confused or strange as Chinese rarely use credit cards.

In China, mobile payments are common, such as WeChat payments etc.

To use WeChat payments system, install WeChat and activate a Swapsy account.

In China, WeChat is the most popular chatting and payment app. The service comes with a multiple language interface, also, it can work well in your country.

Bonding your credit card to your WeChat account is allowed, but money transferred into it must be from a Chinese bank account. This process must pass through Swapsy. With this you can easily trade currency from Zelle, PayPal to WeChat.

Better still to avoid disappointment always go around with enough cash.

9. Don’t Tip In Places That Also Serve Chinese People

10 Things Never To Do Or Try In China

The Chinese doesn’t permit the practice of tipping. Trying to tipped a restaurant staff, bellmen or Taxi drivers might not end well cos it will get them confused and will force them to return your money. To prevent this awkward situation, avoid tipping.

When in China, it is wise to budget for tipping guides.

10. Don’t Forget Your Manners When Using Chopsticks

10 Things Never To Do Or Try In China

Never forget chopstick etiquette when using a pair. The Chinese recommends Chopsticks for only eating, as this makes them to have alot of ideas.

It is recommended never to use Chopsticks for drumsticks or for playing anything.

Avoid placing chopsticks after done eating, equally don’t stick them in your hair when finished eating.

Placing chopsticks on top of the bowl is the best practice after eating.

Try not to stand your chopsticks straight up in your food, this might be related to incense for dead people.


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