2020 Rankings: 7 Most Powerful Navy (Navies) In The World

Some countries has ensured upto-date upgrade on their Navy (Navies) which secures their seas or water ways, and their entire country.

7 Most Powerful Navy (Navies) In The World

Countries with seas need a good navy to secure its water ways as well the entire nation from enemies.

Navies serves as a protective body against pirates, kidnappers, and to launch offensive against the enemy when due.

The Navy is one of the oldies military unit whereas its Naval Warfare existed before planes, fighter jets came on-board.

Naval Vessels existed far back in the time of Roman Empire where it was used against the enemy. Today Naval Vessels has become the wonder of man’s creation as it support other forms of military sections when war is mentioned.

Today, the Naval Aircraft is capable of carrying, deploying and even helps in recovering of aircraft and this helps in the join operation between two arms of the military. The modern idea has help Navies cary out their operation freely in waters. The aircraft carrier is rated as the jewel in the Naval fleet.

The world’s Naval spending has increased in recent times, countries like; United States, China, North Korea, South Korea, Iran, Russia and India has become an item in this.

Below is the top 7 (seven) most powerful Navies in the world:

1. United States of America

7 Most Powerful Navy (Navies) In The World

United States has the world’s strongest Navy. The U.S. has 10 aircraft carriers, 91 destroyers which is far more powerful than many countries in this list combined.

This military warfare is just few of its boastful display of power. As all the countries listed here are all struggling to get where United States stand.

2. China

7 Most Powerful Navy (Navies) In The World

China has become the second most powerful Navies in the world.In recent times, this country became the biggest threat to the United States, this has prompted them to attempt war.

China has; 2 aircraft carriers, 74 submarines, and more than 50 corvettes and frigates each.

This country are still are the process of getting to where United States have reached.

3. Russia

7 Most Powerful Navy (Navies) In The World

Russia has bow down on its journey to become the superpower of the world, but this country is still a big threat to many countries.

Russia has; one aircraft carriers, dozens of submarines, nine warfare boats and corvettes, as well as many frigates and destroyers.

4. North Korea

7 Most Powerful Navy (Navies) In The World

North Korea doesn’t have much strength when it comes to most powerful navies in the world. This country has opted for quantity instead of quality which shows in their absent of aircraft carriers, destroyers in its fleet, but has managed to have just 2 corvettes.

In order to prevent its people from running away, North Korean navy focuses more on its water ways (sea) with patrol boats.

5. Iran

7 Most Powerful Navy (Navies) In The World

This country has about 350 patrol boats and 34 submarine. Iran has been criticized by many for its huge budget on military, but as a result nothing much is seen.

6. South Korea

7 Most Powerful Navy (Navies) In The World

The biggest threat to South Korea is North Korea, this has push this country to maintain a top-notch military strength in order to prevent its ever ready enemies from hitting hard on them. Also, this has push them to spend more on military building.

South Korea boast its navy with 2 aircraft carriers and 22 submarines.

7. India

7 Most Powerful Navy (Navies) In The World

The last on this list, but not the least happens to be India. India is the largest democracy in the world, it has invested more to keep its military flying higher.

India has in its position hundreds of naval boats, one aircraft carrier, a dozen submarines as well as over a hundred patrol boats.


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