Avoid Doing This 15 Things In Public

Did you know that they are certain things you should never do in public? I am sure many will be guilty of these things as you read on.

Avoid Doing This 15 Things In Public

Now lets look at the 15 things you should never do in public:

1. Discuss With A Loud Voice
Discussing in public is never a big problem, but the problem might surface when people start noticing you. This habit should be discourage.

Avoid Doing This 15 Things In Public

2. Eating
Some people are free in eating in public, while many says it is a form of immaturity. Eating in public has to do with walking in the Street and eating at the same time. E.g, eating corn while walking across a highway or Street.

3. Groom Yourself
Issues like brushing of teeth in public, adjusting makeup, picking of nose, cutting of fingernails, or even adjusting of underwear in public should be discourage.

4. Cough Loudly
Just like Spitting, coughing loudly in public might make many to attribute it to lack of self control and forgetting that it is a involuntary action. Learn to control yourself in public.

5. Disposing Of Wast
Never dispose any waste anywhere you know might anger others. This action will get you into trouble or even make you look childish.

6. Discussing Private Issues In Public
Never discuss any private issues in public, many might loose interest or trust in you. Remember, not every issues must be discuss in public.

7. Fighting In The Street
This action should never be practice by any adult. Fighting in public has to do with kids, even some kids has stop or ran from this action. It makes one look primitive and loose respect among many.

8. Going Naked Or Changing Of Cloth
Walking half naked or removing your cloth in public should be discourage, this makes those involve look less responsible. Remember, that many will address you according to your dressing.

9. Singing
Singing in public should be discourage among all. It will never speak good about you.

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10. Talk To Yourself
Talking to yourself in public doesn’t say good about anybody. Remember that while doing this many might take you as a mentally-derailed person.

11. Spitting
Spitting in public might be associated to lack of control. So run from it.

Avoid Doing This 15 Things In Public

12. Fart
Farting in public will make you look less responsible. Many might as well attribute your action to immaturity.

13. Peeing In Public
Peeing or urinating in public can be associated with kids, but adults are still into this. Peeing in public might led many loosing respect and interest in you especially the female.

14. Staring
Starring at something in public might end your life, because a car can hit you in the process. This as well might make you loose focus while in public.

Avoid Doing This 15 Things In Public

15. Discussing Sensitive Topic In Taxi
Many are used to this habit of discussing some sensitive issues while in a public cab. Do you know that majority of news lands first in taxi before it circulate to other places.

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Discussing sensitive issues in taxi will not only make you look like a kid, but it might send you into a big problem especially discussing political or family issues.


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