Google Bans 25 Apps, Urge Users To Delete Them (See Full Names Of Apps)

Google Bans 25 Apps, Urge Users To Delete Them (See Full Names Of Apps)

In an attempt to make Google Play Store a safe place for Android users, Google has banned 25 apps from the platform, it was revealed that the banned apps were causing unnecessary adverts on users experience.

Google Bans 25 Apps, Urge Users To Delete Them

Last month, the tech giant – Google banned more than 50 apps from the Google Play Store for this same issue, the reason for this action according to Google was clogging phones up with annoying hardware.

Users are urged to delete this 25 banned apps from their Android devices as the latest attack is a serious one as this hackers now target Facebook users (social media accounts) for their personal details and credentials.

Evina, a French cyber-security firm revealed that this apps could infiltrate users devices by claiming to offer a genuine purpose or function. The firm also said that this apps are malware and not mare apps as assumed.

Google Bans 25 Apps, Urge Users To Delete Them

When this kind of apps are installed on users device, the hidden code inside will automatically activate itself and begin to steal users personal data.

The app will then wait for user to launch his or her Facebook, it will then overlay a web browser window on top of the Facebook app as next stage.

The next thing will be – the app will pop-up a Facebook-like page for user to login which is fake, when login successfully, the password and other details of the user will then be sent directly to the hackers.

Google Bans 25 Apps, Urge Users To Delete Them

During the findings of the French cyber-security firm, Evina it found out that this 25 apps has this malicious code embed in them, and immediately reported it to Google which Google took immediate action by removing the apps from Google Play Store in May 2020 and later, Google made its own security findings and discovered that the French cyber-security firm were accurate.

Checkout the complete list of the 25 removed apps below:

1. Accurate scanning of QR code
2. Classic card game
3. Junk file cleaning
4. Synthetic Z
5. File Manager
6. Composite Z
7. Screenshot Capture
8. Daily Horoscope Wallpapers
9. Wuxia Reader
10. iPlayer & iWallpaper
11. Video Maker
12. Color Wallpapers
13. Pedometer
14. Powerful Flashlight
15. Super Bright Flashlight
16. Super Wallpapers Flashlight
17. Padenatef
18. Wallpaper Level
19. Contour Level wallpaper
20. Plus Weathe
21. Anime Live Wallpaper
22. Health Step Counter
23. Super Flashlight
24. Solitare Game

This 25 banned apps are no longer available on the Google play store, so users are advised not to panic as you will not see them any longer.

But, if you already have this banned apps installed on your device, simply uninstall them and immediately rush and change your Facebook password.

Note: Never installed this banned apps to avoid hackers from stealing your passwords and credentials on social media.

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