Meet Africa’s Greatest YouTuber, Mark Angel

Meet Africa’s Greatest YouTuber, Mark Angel

In what seems to be joke, YouTube produces millions of dollars every month to content creators across the world, and Nigeria is not left out.

Meet Africa's Greatest YouTuber, Mark Angel
Mark Angel

YouTube is a video streaming platform owned and operated by Google.

Many Nigerians till date don’t know that Africa’s biggest YouTuber is a Nigerian. A 29-year-old comedian, scriptwriter and equally a video producer has been crown this title as he smile home monthly with thousands of dollars all thanks to Google. It might surprise you to note that majority of his fans are outside Nigeria.

Mark Angel has become the biggest YouTuber in Africa with more than 1 billion views with his 300+ videos, and over 6.39 million subscribers.

Mark is best known for his short comedy skits on YouTube. He features his 9-year-old niece, Emmanuella Samuel and her 6-year-old sister Success Madubuike who serves as child comedians.

Meet Africa's Greatest YouTuber, Mark Angel
Mark Angel And Emmanuella

Luckily, Mark Angel’s YouTube channel became the first African comedy channel to reach one million subscribers.

Mark was born in Southern Nigerian state of Port Harcourt, Rivers State. He studied at the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Osun State, Nigeria where he studied medicine, but later abandoned his studies due to family issues.

Did you know that Mark Angel is Mark Angel?

Mark Angel is Mark Angel, he decided to use his birth name (real name) for his brand, unlike others who uses a strange name as their brand name.

After Mark Angel left college with completing it, He began to gather experience in cinematography and theater in Nigeria. Mark began with the name – Mechanic Pictures as independent filmmaker in 2013 as he failed to gain position in Nollywood. His hits began to trend immediately. Mark Angel Comedy received an award from YouTube in 2017 after he reached one million subscriptions. His channel was the first Nigerian-based YouTube channel to reach such threshold.

His niece, Emmanuella has won several comedy awards here in Nigeria and Australia while working with Mark Angel, as well as becoming the winner of Africa’s youngest YouTube award.

Emmanuella bagged a nomination in Nickelodeon’s famous Kids’ Choice Awards in 2018.

During the first week after posting, Mark Angel Comedy videos reaches up to a million views.

With this feat, Mark Angel has become Africa’s most successful YouTuber.

The reason Nigerians are not aware of Mark Angel or watch most of his video online is as a result of high rate of internet subscription in Nigeria.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram, YouTube has a very low percentage of active Nigerians.

As of 2019, Nigeria has 98.39 million internet users. With this figure, active internet users stands at 54 percent on a daily basis, while only 12 percent (24 million) owns an active social media accounts.

In Nigeria, WhatsApp is the most active social media platform with 85 percent of internet users, Facebook comes second on this list with 78 percent. Instagram comes third with 57 percent, while Facebook Messenger follows with 54 percent.

YouTube comes fifth on this list with 53 percent. This rankings has deeply influence the popular of YouTube in Nigeria as it goes less popular on this list.

Meet Africa's Greatest YouTuber, Mark Angel


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