WhatsApp And Facebook Messenger Set To Merge

The owners of WhatsApp, Facebook Inc is set to merge the two popular social media platforms together. This upgrade will enable users to chat in both platforms at the same time.

WhatsApp And Facebook Messenger Set To Merge

Currently, information getting to Brainnews reveals that Facebook is testing a new feature by merging Facebook Messenger with WhatsApp which will allow users to chat across both platforms.

The number one social media giant had stated in the past that it is merging Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram together.

Another source, a WhatsApp-watcher – WABetaInfo has said that Facebook is currently testing a new feature ‘cross-platform chatting.’

“It is not yet known when the merger will be done, and put to full use, as Facebook Messenger code has gone hidden from this update.

“The merging process between WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger for now remains unavailable,” the source concluded.

WhatsApp And Facebook Messenger Set To Merge

Brainnews further learn that in the nearest future when the merging process is done, any Facebook user can reach out to friends on WhatsApp without having to download Facebook Messenger.

More in-depth investigation on this development shows that it has some complicated feature whereas it might require much time. Although, the development might continue or abandoned.

A code found inside Facebook Messenger shows that the tech giant is currently building a very powerful database inside the Messenger that would help store information from WhatsApp.

With this, Facebook might understand when one is blocked on WhatsApp through the help of push notifications and chat details.

More possible features to use from Facebook Messenger include; Phone number of a contact, including message counter and archived chat, profile pictures of the said contact might be used to extract this particular information.

Brainnews, at this point has not gotten a clear picture if any group or organization will rise up to block this move from Facebook towards merging its three platforms together.

With over two billion users, WhatsApp has become the largest messaging platform in the world today.

In 2019, The founder of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg first mentioned the plan for the merging process as a personal project.

WhatsApp And Facebook Messenger Set To Merge

During the suggestion period, it shows that all messages across the three platforms namely; Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram will be encrypted in order to help users and recipients send messengers securely.

“We are on a process of making our messaging apps to go end-to-end encrypted and also on a course to make it easier for our users through their friends and relatives

“This might not be an easy task, but we would do our best in making this work out as it might take alot of time,” Facebook said in a statement.

The supposed Facebook integration could bring up a great changes to its users, WhatsApp currently now needs just phone number to set it up, while Facebook requires users to use their real identity.


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