Yellowcard Band Drop Lawsuit Against Late Rapper Juice WRLD

Yellowcard Band Drop Lawsuit Against Late Rapper Juice WRLD

A popular band – Yellowcard has dropped a lawsuit against late American rapper, Juice WRLD.

Yellowcard Band Drop Lawsuit Against Late Rapper Juice WRLD
Yellowcard And Juice WRLD

Juice WRLD died in December 2019 after going overdosed with drugs.

The lawsuit is a copyright infringement suit against the late rapper, the claimed says that Juice WRLD’s “Lucid Dreams” had a copied melodic from the band’s song “Holly Wood Died” without permission from the late rapper.

The reports as confirmed by Pitchfork and The New York Times says Yellowcard has dismissed their copyright infringement suit against Juice WRLD without prejudice, another source which confirmed the development was through a court documents.

Below is what Yellowcard’s attorney – Richard S. Busch said about the lawsuit:

“The act was without prejudice, this means that the lawsuit can be refilled in the nearest future. The attorney continued by saying.. my clients clearly understands their action against Juice WRLD’s representative of his Estate which happens to be his mother and it came in a sympathetic manner. So due to his death, the lawsuit has been dropped, with this they need additional time to decide on the next step.”

Also, Juice WRLD’s Attorney Christine Lapera said in a statement:

“The lawsuit defendants were fully prepared to defend against the case which came without merit, and will continue to be prepared if the case returns. Settlement or consideration for Plaintiffs’ voluntary were dismissed.”

In 2017, Yellowcard broke up, and now the defunct band is claiming that Juice WRLD’s “Lucid Dreams” has a copied sample from its song “Holly Wood Died” which occurred without permission.

Earlier, the suit was paused by United States District Judge Consuelo B. Marshall after the death of Juice WRLD with real name Jarad Anthony Higgins from accidental drugs overdose and this gave Juice WRLD’s estate two months to appoint a new administrator. The lawsuit goes for a whooping $15 million against Juice WRLD as the estate appoints Juice WRLD’s mother Carmela Wallace as its new representative.

In July 2020, Juice WRLD’s first posthumous album “Legends Never Die” was released, right now it has become the biggest album in 2020.


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