Blackface Drops His Version Of “African Queen” (Video)

Blackface Drops His Version Of “African Queen” (Video)

The defunct music group member of Plantanshun Boiz – Blackface has released his own version of “African Queen,” a single that brought despite between him and 2Face.

Blackface Drops His Version Of African Queen
2face and Blackface

In 2019, Nigerian singer Blackface declared war on former bandmate 2Baba of the defunct group, Plantanshun Boiz.

In an Instagram post, Blackface whose real name is Ahmedu Augustine warned that 2Face’s career was going to end once the war is over.

Blackface Drops His Version Of African Queen
Plantashun Boiz

This declaration was not and has not been the last that Blackface has openly slammed 2Baba who he has accused of stealing some of his songs in times past. Their feud has been a longstanding one with threats of taking legal action from both parties.

Their altercation started following the break-up of their former group Plantanshun Boiz in 2004. The band comprised Faze, Blackface and 2Face.

Blackface Drops His Version Of African Queen

The animosity started with Blackface claiming he wrote the song, “African Queen,” which remains one of 2Baba’s biggest hits to date. The song was part of 2face’s debut solo album, “Face2Face”.

Almost a decade later, things got heated once again when 2Baba released the song “Let Somebody Love You” off his “Ascension” album.

Blackface Drops His Version Of African Queen

Blackface raised a fuss with allegations that the song reportedly contained lyrics written by him (Blackface).

In 2017, it appeared 2Baba had had enough of the longstanding feud because, in a letter sent through his lawyers, he demanded that Blackface apologises for making ‘false, misleading and the defamatory’ remarks about him.

The letter stated that Blackface should tender a general unreserved apology for all statements made and published by him in the past as well as cease from making further defamatory remarks.

He gave Blackface a one-week ultimatum to retract his statements or face legal actions.

In 2018, 2Baba finally dragged Blackface to court in N50 million defamation of character lawsuit.

Unperturbed by the lawsuit, Blackface revealed that his legal team is taking care of the lawsuit and that he’s prepared to meet 2face in court. He told Potpourri via a Whatsapp call,

“My lawyers are taking care of the legal action. Maybe you will be in court to follow up the proceedings, if the case gets to that level because that’s where we are going right now.”

It was later agreed that both artistes agreed to an out-of-court settlement.

A source close to both singers stated that Blackface agreed not to publicly call out 2Face while the latter agreed to work out an agreement that will enable the former to earn royalties.

Fast forward to August 2020 and Blackface Naija has now released his own version of “African Queen,” the classic hit that has been a major player in his rift with 2Face.

As of the time of reporting this story, the YouTube music video has gathered over 38,000 views and 500 comments.

The music video released on August 5 follows the story of slavery and overcoming love and uses the same lyrics as 2Baba’s version with extra lines.

Below is the new release:

2Baba’s “African Queen” was released nine years ago and currently has 13 million views on YouTube.

Below is the version:


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