Google Reveals Why Links Are Not The Most Important SEO Factor

Google Reveals Why Links Are Not The Most Important SEO Factor

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the best ways to send traffic to websites, but it involves alot of work to attend search engine first pages.

Google Reveals Why Links Are Not The Most Important SEO Factor

SEO is known professionally as organic traffic, as many considers it as the best source of traffic.

Some of the top search engines in the world include – Google, Yahoo Search, Bing, among others.

Google through John Mueller while on micro-blogging site, Twitter reveals that links are definitely not the most valued or important factor when SEO is involved. He continued to say that webmasters should let go of what they had heard about SEO practices (link juice) in the past.

If everything you had assumed to go with SEO has to do with link juice, you might probably be wrong, but instead focus on the basics, the most important things to do now should include; watching over your website or blog server logs, research on how the search engine works, try to understand your site users, and you will make a better site, John quoted in a statement.

You can agree with us that quality content beats links when SEO is listed, but unfortunately most SEOs considers links as one of the most important factor to look upto.

Before this time, what makes a good SEO are; original and quality content, domain age, links, theme, mobile view optimization, site traffic, site speed, keyword arrangement, image placement, among others.

In the past years, we at Brainnews has learn that Google changes its ranking algorithm (SEO) from time to time, so it is advisable for webmasters to always be true and original in their work in order to beat or flow with the current trend.

Checkout the tweet of Google’s John Mueller as he explains SEO best practices below;


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