5 Legal Ways To Make Money Online

By Eyo Nse,

Making money online is not the problem, the problem is will you be able to withdraw or benefit from it at the end?

5 Legal Ways To Make Money Online

Well, this method of cash making is the best ever.. Compare to the physical job you need to travel, spend excessively or look for more man power.

In this article, i will be unleashing some secret but powerful ways to make money online.

1. Online Advertisement

You can make as much as N5,000 to N10,000 weekly advertising products online. Platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram can help you achieve this.

How does this work?

Very simple, first of all build an audience on the above mentioned social media platforms. You can easily do this by adding more people, adding more contacts.

As a lady, never misuse the privilege of the female likelihood to make money online, approach a brand and promote their brand and you will be paid as you tag it.

5 Legal Ways To Make Money Online

2. Writing Job

You can make alot of money through writing for companies, persons and government agencies.

This doesn’t only work in your locality, but globally. With this method you can begin to make foreign currency.

Visit this site Upwork.com and register, do your best so that you will be approved. After approval, simply head to the writers category and apply for the latest writing jobs available.

Note: Majority of this jobs are from foreign clients, do well to showcase your best.

3. Cryptocurrency

You can make money through Cryptocurrency by smart contract, trading and selling of coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Litecoin, and Ripple etc.

Visit some of the top crypto currency sites to begin; Bitcoin.com, Litecoin.com etc.

4. Creating Website/Blog

You can earn as much as $2,000 to $10,000 weekly from creating websites and blogs for clients.

Some of the popular platforms to create your blogs are WordPress, Blogger, Joomla etc.

Creating website required a special programming knowledge such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, among others.

Head to Upwork.com and create an account, locate a client on the platform and you are good to go.

5. Blogging/Vlogging

This is the last method on how to make money online in this article, but it is not the least.

Many has said that this method is overrated, outdated, and too loose for new comers, the truth about this is never true as many are still making good money through blogging.

Starting a blog in Nigeria is not difficult, the difficulty is how to maintain it.

Vlogging happens to be the latest trend in town now.

Vlogging is a process or means of publishing/posting videos on video platforms, example of such platform is YouTube.

How can i begin?

Create a name for the blog (domain name), buy hosting and begin the design.

You can make as much as $1,000 per month from blogging, vlogging in Nigeria.

Are you ready to start blogging or even vlogging? Contact Brainnews – HERE to create a blog/YouTube channel for you at a very cheap rate.

Also, we undertake TRAINING for prospective persons.

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Eyo Nse is a creative writer, blogger and a software engineer.He is a simple individual who loves to see others succeed in life.Mr Wisdytech as he is popularly known - started blogging in the early 2000's.