6 Reasons Why People Cheat In A Relationship

6 Reasons Why People Cheat In A Relationship

By Eyo Nse,

Cheating or infidelity in relationships in the 21st century are so visible that it help eats us up or discards the important people around us.

6 Reasons Why People Cheat In A Relationship
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Relationships has seen a joke side of it as it has been reduced to games instead of process of showcasing of true love or true affection.

In the 80’s, our early parents really planted their unmetered efforts in cementing their relationship which gave way to less divorce cases compare to the odd stories recorded in the 21st century.

Today i will be taking you on a journey on relationship where i will unleashed to you what happens before cheating comes in our different affairs.

Below are the six reasons why people cheat in relationships;

1. Wrong choice of partner

This comes when one choose beauty over brain in most cases as well as choosing brain or maturity to wealth.

A wrong partner will always push us to cheat, this occurs due to the fact that partners were chosen for the wrong reason.

In this time looking outside might help solve a problem of this kind.

2. Lack of understanding

Lack of understanding equally brings about cheating in a relationship. This is due to the fact that misunderstanding which is the opposite of understanding will usually ensured.

Lack of understanding might come in different perspective such of failure to create time for each other, one’s way, choice or hobbies.

3. Financial freedom

Failure to financial freedom is another important ingredient for cheating, this happens when a partner especially the man can’t satisfy his partner financially thereby forcing her to look outside.

Nowadays where competition are everywhere, a lady needs money to help stay in the game of beauty and fashion.

A recent study conducted by Brainnews shows that 70 percent of relationships shows that a woman is hardly satisfied financially.

4. Lack of sexual satisfaction

Partners with different sexual prejudice will usually have issue. Example of such is when a male’s sexual prowess is greater than that of his partner or sometimes the opposite occurs.

Such partners will always seek for sexual satisfaction elsewhere thereby cheating.

5. Lack of emotional satisfaction

This has to do with the mindset, feelings and perception towards one partner.

It is usually visible to note that feelings comes first in a relationship before true love is felt or exhibited.

6. Lack of Communication

Lack of time, communication or care will force one to cheat.

Communication in a relationship is a vital tool one needs to apply as soon as it could help.


Eyo Nse is a creative writer, blogger and a software engineer.He is a simple individual who loves to see others succeed in life.Mr Wisdytech as he is popularly known - started blogging in the early 2000's.