Batch C: 10 Questions N-Power Will Ask

The N-Power Batch C registration began on June 26, 2020 in which only 400,000 will be carefully selected and employed.

Batch C: 10 Questions N-Power Will Ask

Weeks ago, the federal government announced that it has received more than four (4) million applicants against the expected 400,000.

The registration supposed to last for just four weeks after the registration had kick-started, but the federal government extended the registration process by two weeks.

According to a Brainnews reporter, as at Thursday, September 3, 2020, 4:30 PM the portal for the N-Power Batch C registration was still open for onward registration.

Although, the N-Power assessment test will commence soon, we suggest it will come up immediately the registration portal closes.

All N-Power applicants for Batch C will write its assessment test in which successful applicants will move to the next stage.

With about 5 million applicants received so far for Batch C, it is wise to start your preparation now.

In N-Power Batch A and B most of their aptitude test questions came from current affairs both local and foreign. So Batch C should expect same.

This questions and answers are 99% likely to appear. Also, we at Brainnews urge you to read more about your state because it might be asked.

In this article, Brainnews will carefully list out the 10 (ten) questions N-Power will ask Batch C applicants.

Below are the 10 questions to expect from N-Power:

1. What is the meaning of COVID-19?
Answer: CoronavirusDisease of 2019.

2. What did Nigeria record its first ever Coronavirus (COVID-19) case?
Answer: February 27, 2020.

3. When did coronavirus (COVID-19) started and when?
Answer: Wuhan, China. In late 2019.

4. What is coronavirus (COVID-19)?
Answer: This is a name given to a virus or disease caused by the SARS-coV2 Virus.

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5. What gave the name “COVID-19” and when was it?
Answer: World Health Organization (WHO). December 31, 2019.

6. What made Coronavirus to be renamed to COVID-19?
Answer: To help discuss on the disease spread, prevention, transmission and treatment.

7. What is Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
Answer: This is a common virus that affect human and animals.

8. What does “Novel” Coronavirus means?
Answer: It simply means a new virus that has never been discovered in human.

9. What is the full meaning of NCDC?
Answer: Nigeria Center For Disease Control

10. Which drug(s) cures Coronavirus?
Answer: No official drug yet.

Other questions to expect:

11. Can Coronavirus spread through 5G network?
Answer: No. It has not been proven scientifically or medically.

12. Why did World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic?

13. Which government agency in Nigeria manages N-Power?

Note: We will post more questions and answers on this page in the next few hours, do well to bookmark this page and always refresh it.


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