COVID-19: India Overtakes Brazil To Become Second Worst-hit Country

On Monday September 7, India surpassed Brazil to become the second-worst hit country to be affected by the coronavirus pandemic in the world.

India Overtakes Brazil To Become Second Worst-hit Country
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In just thirteen (13) days India have recorded three to four million cases. Surging a total of 90,802 new cases were overnight and a total number of cases to 4,204,613, while it took Brazil 25 and the United States upto 16 days.

According to the Indian health ministry, the recovery rate is more than 77% and less than a quarter of these cases are active.

The government of India has stepped up testing capabilities with an increase of about a million tests every day which has helped in spike in cases which shows in Indian cities, rural and smaller towns.

The head of the COVID-19 rapid response team in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad in person of Dr. Harendra Kushwaha have said his team are overseeing many blocks of Makanpur and Kinauni number two that measures nearly 200,000 people which is a task that is overwhelming for his ’80-strong group.’

“These are corona warriors who are risking their lives meeting COVID-19 patients and their families.

“People don’t know if they are carrying the virus and may spread it indiscriminately. We have to break the chain,” Dr Kushwaha told Sky News.


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