Meet The World’s Oldest Couple (Photos)

Meet The World’s Oldest Couple (Photos)

In what began as a secret has now lasted for a good 79 years and the couple have lived for nearly 215 years combined with their both ages, Brainnews report.

Meet The World's Oldest Couple
Julio Mora and Waldramina Quinteros are officially the world’s oldest couple

Guinness World Records have crown Ecuadorian husband and wife Julio Mora and Waldramina Quinteros the world’s oldest couple alive.

The couple have been married longer than most people across the world have lived.

His wife is 104, and the husband goes with 110 years as Guinness World Record have been crown on them as the world’s oldest couple, SkyNews can confirmed.

On 10 March 1910, Mr Mora was born while his wife Ms Quinteros followed on 16 October 1915. In total, the Ecuadorian couple have lived for 215 years combined.

Meet The World's Oldest Couple
The pair married in 1941

Guinness World Records have recorded so many marriages, but there is none as old as Mr Mora and his wife – Ms Quinteros.

In the first church built by the Spanish in Quito – La Iglesia de El Belen, the oldest couple married in 1941.

The marriage was not approved by neither of their families, Julio was seen secretly slipping away from his parents to wed his lover.

Ms Quinteros said; “We never thought of divorce or something closed, we never allowed it come to our thoughts.”

The oldest couple are both retired teachers, and live in the Ecuador’s capital, north-central part of Quito.

The couple have in their position, one great-great-grandchild, 11 grandchildren, four surviving children and 21 great-grandchildren.

In the early 2020, one of the couple’s grandchildren suggested that his grandparents couple be rated among the world’s oldest couples ever.

Meet The World's Oldest Couple
They wed in secret due to their families’ disapproval

Cecilia, who happens to be their daughter, helped sent the entire documents as requested by the Guinness World Record, the couple finally received their certification in mid-August.

Celia revealed that her parent are both healthy and lucid, but due to the pandemic their mental health had recently suffered.

She further said: “Because they miss large family gatherings, for a month now they have been different, more downcast.”

“My aged parents need family contact, since March 2020, we are yet to have another.”

The pair enjoy visiting the cinema and theatre together, Celia said. My father enjoys watching the television and drinking alot of milk. While my mother, enjoys desserts, and never skip reading newspaper every morning.

Ms Quinteros after being asking if she had some advice for those across the world seeking to live a long life, said:
“Speak the truth at always that’s my advice, don’t ever lie, because lies can break the world apart.”

Texas residents Charlotte and John Henderson, had previously hold the record for the world oldest married couple. They reported had 212 years and 52 days combined age.


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