Relationship: 5 Things About Your Past You Should Never Tell Your Partner


In a relationship, there are some things about your past you should never tell your boyfriend or girlfriend no matter what.

5 Things About Your Past You Should Never Tell Your Partner

Meeting a new person and falling in love is very cool and exciting. You are eager to know stuffs about them, get to know them more and explore countless possibilities with him/her.

Same way you also want to open yourself and your heart to him/her, tell him/her exciting stuffs about you, allow them get to know and understand you more and take on adventures together.

However eager or in loved your are, there are certain things about your past you should hold back just yet as revealing them may negatively impact a tender or growing love.

5 Things About Your Past You Should Never Tell Your Partner

1. Sexual Details

As a growing relationship, sexual discussions will inevitably come up from time to time. Please leave graphic details of how you had sex in the bathroom, in the car or how you tried anal. Avoid telling them in details how you did what you did behind closed door, they don’t need to hear them.

2. Body Count

He or she does not expressly need to know how many guys or girls you have shagged in the past. They do not deserve this information, especially if you have had a lot of sex partners in the past. You are trying to start afresh and build something passionate and long lasting aren’t you? Keep this detail to yourself!

3. You Do Not Like His/Her Family

It is not abnormal not to like your partner’s family when you get to meet them. However understand that this is his/her family and he or she holds them in high esteem. Keep your feelings to yourself if you like him/her and want to continue the relationship. You don’t have to like the family to be at peace with them, just be a good person and respect yourself.

5 Things About Your Past You Should Never Tell Your Partner

4. Abortions You Have Done

Trust me, people are not as open minded as you think. Don’t go telling him about how you did several abortions in the past, it could scare him away. You can not imagine the kind of thoughts that could come rushing through his head afterwards. Besides things may go wrong tomorrow and you part ways with him. You don’t want to imagine what would happen if he is a loud mouth.

5. That You Still Love Your Ex

Come on! The way you will feel if you were the receiver of this news is the way they will probably feel too. Sometimes moving on is not that easy, but you are with him/her to forget about the past and start anew right? Don’t ruin it all with feelings and emotions that should remain in the past.