Singer Rema Apologises For Stealing Laptop, Nigerians Reacts


Nigerian singer Rema has taken to Twitter to apologised to a man for stealing his laptop back in the year 2017 before he attain fame.

Nigerian Singer Rema Apologises For Stealing Laptop
Singer Rema

Pop singer Rema has apologised to a man named Erica for stealing his laptop in 2017.

The musician born Divine Ikubor apologised via a tweet on Monday as he took to the platform to bare his mind.

He wrote:

“Eric, Sorry I stole your Laptop in 2017, I know you were trying to help me. My Mom had a child on the way, I was the only man in my family. They made fun of her because she got pregnant, I wanted to prove them wrong bro, I had to do it.”

He praised music producer Ozedikus for taking “risks” for him, saying “all the beats Ozedikus sneaked are now HITS.”

The 20-year-old rose to stardom after signing with Don Jazzy’s Mavin Records in 2019.

Rema, who performed at the finale of the 2020 Big Brother Naija show on Sunday, tweeted that Don Jazzy’s brother D’Prince assured that he was the “chosen one”.

“I told D’prince sir I’m making money where I’m at I think I’m good. D’prince said to me stop what you’re doing and come to me boy “you’re the chosen one”, this music shit is gonna pay if you trust me!

“I done made millions before this fame, let no man feel this money changing me,” he wrote.

The Benin-born singer also thanked former US President Barack Obama for listing his single ‘Ironman’ as part of his favourite songs of 2019.

He added: “Niggas don’t wanna see a kid win, they feel I got it too easy. I shower with my sweat, we go off on this side like the days in BENIN it got nun to do with my deal, come and sign these papers without a hustler spirit, you gone lose! Management gone change my password now lol.”

Rema severally faces criticism for his music genre. He told critics one time that his kind of music was “Benin Lamba” and he was unapologetic about it.

Nigerian Singer Rema Apologises For Stealing Laptop

Nigerian Singer Rema Apologises For Stealing Laptop

Nigerian Singer Rema Apologises For Stealing Laptop