[Video] A Mortuary Man Reveals What He Face On His First Day At Work

A trending video has been captured on social media which shows the shocking moment a ‘corpse’ scared the life out of a newly recruited mortuary man known professionally as mortician at an undisclosed facility.

A Mortuary Man Reveals What He Face On His First Day At Work
File Photo Of A Mortuary

It was his first day at work, with that he expected to be taken around and show the traditions of his new job.

To open his eyes, some of his colleagues planned on surprising or scaring him by sleeping inside one of the casket in the facility.

When he was brought into the mortuary, he was asked to open the unsuspected casket where one of his colleague was inside.

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While he succeeded in opening the casket, the supposed dead man woke up thereby forcing him to took off in his shaking heels.

His colleagues couldn’t bear the laughter, and ended up laughing uncontrollably while their new colleague took off to an unknown destination.

Watch the shocking video below;



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