Avoid This Four Things About Women, If You Want To Live Long

There are some things you need to avoid about women if only you want to live long, some of those things are carefully listed below..

Avoid This Four Things About Women, If You Want To Live Long
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As a guy, living for a long time and making things happen is your first goal in life. Every man on Earth is destined for a reason, and before you leave the earth’s soil, that reason must be accomplished.

Because of one weakness or the other, some men were not able to achieve their aim. Any of those weaknesses apply to the case of women.

If you look at the world today, you can find that there is a higher number of widows than widowers. One of the reasons may be that most widowers typically remarry, while another explanation is that so many duties and pressures lead some men to die. Some die because of women’s problems, and I want to advise all men on this note to always disregard or avoid such things about women in order to survive for a long time.

Among the things to avoid are; I’ll begin with your bachelorhood.

1. Avoid fighting for her with other guys

I don’t welcome the “if you love her, fight to get her back” notion. Why should a man fight on Earth over a girl? She would not have fallen into another man’s arms if she loved you. She’s not the only girl on earth, but you know you can see a better person than her. It’s safer that you let her go instead of trying to get her back. You will end up being killed or potentially murdered during the battle.

Learn to avoid that.

2. Avoid jealousy

More than anything you can imagine, jealousy destroys the spirit. You just put your heart into an emotional trauma, as you become jealous of every man you see around her. The same way that she was drawn to you, the same way that she was drawn to other guys. Try to consider the fact that she will still have men around her because you are still dating her, and she is a woman after all. Some men may be so jealous that they get angry every time their girl receives calls from other men; why not calm down before you kill yourself with jealousy? No man will take her away from you, no matter how they try, if the love is there.

Over to when you are married.

3. Avoid her nagging

In this area, some women are naturally gifted because of their disposition, and if you understand that fact, it is significant. Just because she’s nagging doesn’t mean you’re going to make her a punching bag or maybe start nagging along with her. As a guy, any time she starts to nag, you still need to act. At that moment, try to realize that she is upset, and avoid her until her temper cools down. I’m going to advise you to leave the house if it begins to start triggering your own wrath. By the time you leave home for a few minutes, when you come back, buy something for her and all that will end. Life doesn’t have duplicate, so don’t confuse it on your own. I’ve got a lot of men who have died from domestic abuse, which I’m sure you would have seen too. There’s no benefit in your wife’s war, so try to avoid it.

4. Be careful with your female children

You have all the preparation to offer them when they are still growing up, but when they grow up, you should realize that you are not going to be able to manage them100 percent again. Sit them down and talk sense into them when you see that they have begun to take the wrong path. Don’t push it on them if they continue, just step aside to prevent early burial. Experience is often the best teacher. Maybe they can realize that life is not a bed of roses when they experience life a little.

I’ve seen occasions where, one way or another, daughters kill their fathers simply because the guy doesn’t want them to flex with whoever they want. Leave her to Heaven, who will teach her some lessons to learn from experience, if you talk sense into her and she refuses to listen.

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