Nigeria At 60: Should We Celebrate Or Weep?

By Prince Edim Michael,

Nigeria is a nation blessed with enormous natural and human resources of which several countries of the world covet and wish they had these resources at their disposal in order to foster development in their respective countries. However, it is rather unfortunate to assert that Nigeria is still pitiably found among the leagues of underdeveloped Nations of the world even in the midst of all these resources and endowments found in her environment.

Nigeria At 60 Prince Edim Michael
Prince Edim Michael

In 1st October, 1960 the Nigerian territory which was colonized and ofcourse under the rule of the British Government was granted Independence. The declaration of Independence caused frenzy celebration across the Nigerian territory over what some said was a dawn of a new era of massive development and progress for Nigerians. Arguably, Nigerians are yet to satisfactorily feel the development and progress they have eagerly anticipated for so long. This is a country that was plagued by successive military coups and dictatorship which spanned for several years before perhaps her final return to democratic rule in exactly two decades now. According to those who experienced these military regimes, some say Nigeria witnessed reasonable development and progress amidst brutality and cruelty, while others varied to say it was the worst thing to had happened to Nigeria. Although, those against the military governments had clamoured for a democratic government in order for Nigeria to also experience remarkable development and progress like other democracies of the world. As expected, their agitation was granted afterall by the then Military Head of State Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar. Hence, Nigeria’s final return to democratic rule in the year 1999.

Happy Independence Day To Nigeria At 60

Subsequent upon this new development of a change in government from Military to Civilian Rule, Nigerians were very much optimistic of massive development and progress this time in every sector of the economy. But the question is ” have Nigerians truly experienced this development and progress?” I guess the answer is “No” based on my opinion. Unfortunately, Nigerians have endured successive poor civilian administrations over the years and still counting, plagued by increasing rate of corruption, insecurity, harsh economic situation, unemployment among others. And we wonder when all that would end.

Sadly, Nigeria is 60 years old today by reason of Independence. And I ask, “Should We Celebrate or Weep?” I believe the general answer will be the latter, based on the present situation in our hands. Nigerians cannot afford celebrate her Independence Day in the midst of a seemingly failed State marred by unbearable insecurity in the country where even Chief Security Officers are now easily attacked, high level of corruption, unemployment, high cost of living and rise in cost of food where a bag of rice is now sold for about N31,000. Others are hike in the cost of fuel and electricity tarrif, low foreign reserve, high debt situation among others. And one would wonder where Nigeria is headed to; whether we are progressing or retrogressing? Meanwhile, other saner countries of the world mark their Independence Day Celebrations with incredible development, progress and attainment of new feats, whereas in Nigeria, the reverse is the case. Nigeria is in a pathetic situation that needs urgent intervention, if not things will deteriorate beyond remedy. I weep for Nigeria. Only God Almighty can help us.

Happy Independence Day To Nigeria At 60

Recommendably, as we mark yet another bitter Independence Day anniversary, let’s reflect on our failures, even as those in position of authority, be it government or the private sector should go back to the drawing board, rewrite their wrongs to right, and credibly implement all her progressive policies and blueprints in order to make Nigeria a better place for us all. Nigeria is not completely wrecked, let’s not lose hope. Something can still be done to help salvage her. The youths should rise up to the challenge and swing into reasonable and positive actions, join hands with every relevant sector and make Nigeria of our dreams a reality. A new Nigeria is possible.

Happy Independence Day!
Long Live The Federal Republic of Nigeria!
God bless Nigeria!


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