#OndoDecides2020 Live Updates (Ondo State Elections Live Results)

#OndoDecides2020 Live Updates (Ondo State Elections Live Results)

Brainnews is back with the latest updates from the Ondo State governorship election held on Saturday, October 10.

#OndoDecides2020 Live Updates

Below are all what you need to know:

Akure South LGA as announced at St. Peter’s, the LG Collation centre

So far, eight out of 11 wards have been announced. Three awaited.

Ward One (Aponmu) APC 759. PDP 1,200. ZLP 52. Registered Voters: 6,488. Accredited 2,147. Valid: 2,086. Rejected: 60.

Ward two (Gbogi/Isikan I) APC: 1,838. PDP: 5,864. ZLP: 296. Registered: 33,575. Accredited: 8,295. Valid: 8,148.

Rejected: 146. Total cast: 8,295. Three party agents signed- APC, PDP and ZLP.

Ward three (Gbogi/Isikan II) APC 1,575. PDP 4,631. ZLP 214. Registered: 28,789. Accredited: 6,684. Valid 6,539.

Rejected 125. Total cast 6,664.

Ward five (LISA) APC 1,960. PDP 5,594. ZLP 460. Registered: 37,940. Accredited: 8,304. Valid: 8,138. Rejected: 155. Total cast 8 293.

Ward six (Oda) APC 785. PDP 2,141. ZLP 87. Registered: 10,908. Accredited: 3,150. Valid 3,085. Rejected 65. Total cast 3,150.

Ward seven (Odopetu) APC 1,217. PDP 3,314. ZLP 99. Registered: 20,238. Accredited: 4,850. Valid 4,722. Rejected: 128. Total cast: 4,850.

Ward eight (Oke-Aro/Uro I) APC 1,896. PDP 5,304. ZLP 248. Registered: 31,098. Accredited: 7,766. Valid: 7,570. Rejected: 166. Total cast: 7,736.

Ward nine (Oke-Aeo/Uro II) APC:1,798. PDP: 5,046. ZLP:163 Registered: 31,076 Accredited: 7,333. Valid: 7,140. Rejected: 157. Total cast: 7,297. Two party agents signed documents – APC and PDP.

Ward 10 (Oshodi/Isolo) APC: 2,333 PDP: 5,864. ZLP: 212. Registered: 34172. Accredited: 8,727. Valid: 8,568. Rejected: 159. Total Cast: 8,727. Four party agents signed result.

Ward 11 (Owode/Imuagun) APC: 1,758. PDP: 5,084. ZLP:204. Registered: 164,661. Accredited: 40,258. Valid: 7,193. Rejected: 151. Total cast: 7 344.


APC – 16,572
PDP – 8,380
ZLP – 3,532

#OndoDecides2020: Two injured, many arrested

An unidentified man was stabbed and a five-year-old child knocked down by a patrol vehicle as Ondo people went to the polls on Saturday

The two incidents were recorded at Akure, the state capital while voting was ongoing and both victims were recuperating at the police clinic.

Initial reports indicated that one Gboyega was shot by gunmen who opened sporadic fires at the Ijomu/Obanla area of the state but when our Correspondent visited unit four, ward four, voters said they were not aware of such incident.

It was gathered that gunmen, who wanted to scare voters, opened fire around Ijomu/Obanla junction, about 200 metres from the nearest polling unit scaring off bystanders.

Operatives of the Federal Road Safety CORPS (FRSC), who were nearby Ijomu Junction also ran for cover while empty shells of dispensed ammunition littered the tarred road where the incident occurred.

Security operatives, comprising the police and Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC), brought the situation under control.

An eye witness, who gave his name as Tope, claimed the thugs are members of one of major political parties.

“They came here in their vehicle with guns, and started shooting as soon as they came out. One of them went straight to the boy [Gboyega], and shot him at close range.

“The hoodlums are here with us, we know them and the people who sent them. One of them was among those who shot people down the street last week. The boy was rushed to a hospital on motorcycle.

“The disturbing side of it is that the security men came, saw them with their guns, and yet allowed them to go. In fact, they escorted them out,” Tayo said.

A beverage seller said two suspects were arrested by the police, adding the two men were picked up for videoing the incident.

“Two men who snapped the injured man were arrested by the police. It happened before the rain started and security came quickly.

“What I heard was that they went straight for the man, tied him and stabbed him to the ground. I did not see it happen,” she said.

Confirming the incident, Police Commissioner, Bolaji Salami told The Nation there was no sign of gunshot injury on the victim, adding he has told the police he knew those who stabbed him.

Salami said: “We visited the man in the hospital. He is being treated at our hospital. He is stable and his family has seen him. What we heard initially was that the man was stabbed but when we got there, he has been moved to the hospital.

“We were told that some gunmen opened fire in the area but we didn’t see them when we got there.

“However, we have some people in custody who are assisting our investigation. Some people took pictures of the incident and they are assisting our investigation.

“I cannot tell you at the moment how many people have been arrested. We have been making arrests across the state and mopping up. The details will be released after we must have compiled and screened those in custody.”

PU 14 Ward two Idanre local government area

APC: 89
PDP: 52
ZLP: 43
Ondo West Ward 1

APC: 1,045

PDP: 980

ZLP: 878

Unit 005 Methodist Pry Sch., Gbogi/Isikan
APC: 28
PDP: 147
ZLP: 5

Unit 004, same school
APC: 35
PDP: 144
ZLP: 10

Unit 007, Ward 10, St Anthony Pry Sch 1, Araromi
APC: 74
PDP: 224
ZLP: 9

Unit 012, Akure High School2, Oshodi/Isolo
APC: 86
PDP: 308
ZLP: 10

Akoko Northeast Orun Ward 1 unit 4
APC: 132
PDP: 42
ZLP: 93

Akoko Northeast Orun Ward 1 unit 2
Apc 135
Pdp 54
ZLP 46

Akoko Northeast Orun Ward 1 unit 1
APC: 119
PDP: 58
ZLP: 40

Akoko Northeast Orun Ward 1 unit 7
APC: 178
PDP: 39
ZLP: 14

Akoko Northeast Orun Ward 1 unit 6

APC: 124
PDP: 52
ZLP: 9

Ondo West Ward 4 UNIT 12
APC: 165
PDP: 90
ZLP: 24

Ondo West Ward 3, Unit 7
APC: 166
PDP: 73
ZLP: 53

Ondo West Ward 9 Unit 15
APC: 64
PDP: 45
ZLP: 36

Polling unit 16 ward 11 Emure, Owo Local Government
APC 410
PDP 38

IGBOROKO 2 ward3, Unit 16

APC 192,
PDP 28,
ZLP 3,
SDP 2 ,
ADP 2,

Alasoadura’s Ward 8, Unit 5 result

APC: 125
PDP: 81
ZLP: 7

Result from Unit 3, Ward 5, Owo LGA

APC: 300

PDP: 11

ZLP: 1

Result from Akeredolu PU6 ward 5 Ijebu Owo

APC: 413

PDP: 12

ZLP: 0

St Peter’s School, St Peter’s area, Akure

Unit 25, Ward 11, Akure South, St Peter’s Pry School, Akure

APC :41


ZLP: 9

Ilesa Garrage, Unit 16, Ward 3, Akure South

APC: 69

PDP: 162


FUTA Gate, Unit 23AB&C, Ward 3, Akure South

APC: 116

PDP: 267

ZLP: 18

Unit 013, beside Police Area Command, Elerinla

APC: 58

PDP: 175

ZLP: 9


PDP: 163

APC :64

ZLP: 9

Ward 5 (LISA), Akure South

Unit one: APC 63, PDP 106, ZLP 17.

Unit two: APC 47, PDP 91, ZLP 10.

Unit three: APC 60, PDP 106, ZLP 12.

Unit four: APC 47, PDP 120, ZLP 7

Unit five: APC 38, PDP 175, ZLP 5

Unit six: APC 66, PDP 176, ZLP 5.

Unit seven: APC 66, PDP 184, ZLP 9

Unit eight: APC 68, PDP 142, ZLP 11

Unit nine: APC 64, PDP 131, ZLP 2.

Unit 10: APC 35, PDP 143, ZLP 3

Unit 11:

Unit 12: APC 57, PDP 122, ZLP 5

Unit 13: APC 45, PDP 59, ZLP 7

Unit 14: APC 53, PDP 134, ZLP 10

Unit 15: APC 72, PDP 116, ZLP 19

Unit 16: APC 26, PDP 72, ZLP3


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