Today Is #WorldMentalHealthDay – See What People Are Saying..

Today Is #WorldMentalHealthDay – See What People Are Saying..

Today, October 10 was declared #WorldMentalHealthDay, this day was set aside to evaluate the human brain and mind towards daily activities.

Today Is #WorldMentalHealthDay

Below are what people are saying on Twitter;

@JonahMarais tweeted: remember, it’s okay not to be okay. be there for yourself. take time to know and love yourself. we’re all in this boat of life together and you never know what someone’s been through or what’s going on in there head. just do your best to love people. #WorldMentalHealthDay

@FLOTUS On this #Worldmentalhealthday let’s make it a priority to take care of our mind, body & spirit. Seek out the tools needed to unleash your full potential. Connect with loved ones & ask for help if you are struggling.

@AndreaRussett You have not failed until you stop picking yourself back up to try again. This one sentence has changed my life in incredible ways. I hope you read it and then read it again. You got this. I know you do. #WorldMentalHealthDay

@JoeBiden The fact is this pandemic has exposed the cracks in our already broken mental health care system.

We can and must do better.

As president, I’ll fight to achieve mental health parity, expand access to care, and wipe out the stigma. #WorldMentalHealthDay

@yelyahwilliams happy #WorldMentalHealthDay just been thinking about my own journey navigating my depression. much of it began when we wrote this song & the rest of After Laughter. sending courage to you.
Hard Times
are guaranteed but better days are too! experience it all.
cc: @paramore

@PeteButtigieg We need to expand and invest in mental health care—and we need to get as comfortable talking about mental health as we would any physical medical challenges. #WorldMentalHealthDay

@TheVampsBrad Go easy on yourself, do what makes you happy and know that there is always someone to talk to. Comment something you’re grateful for, acknowledging positives in life always seems to help me especially when you have down days. Sending love. X



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