Britain Records Highest COVID-19 Death Rate Worldwide

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United Kingdom has recorded the highest number of coronavirus death rate in the world, it was revealed on Tuesday.

Britain Records Highest COVID-19 Death Rate Worldwide
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Britain is currently recording the highest number of Coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths in the world relative to its population, a report claimed on Tuesday.

On a seven-day moving average, there were recently more than 16.5 deaths per million people, according to a recent evaluation by Oxford University quoting data from the U.S.’ Johns Hopkins University.

This puts Britain just ahead of the Czech Republic and Portugal, and well ahead of Germany and the U.S., both of which recorded an average of over nine deaths per million inhabitants over the same period.

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On Tuesday, the number of deaths reported in Britain within 24 hours reached a record of 1,610.

The total number of deaths with COVID-19 on the death certificate now stands at just under 96,000, but as this figure is always reported with some delay, it is thought to be as high as around 108,000 coronavirus deaths already.

The largest of the four British home nations, England, has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic.

There, it is estimated that by December, more than 12 per cent of people had experienced a coronavirus infection, according to an antibody study by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

This corresponds to about one in eight people. For Britain as a whole, it is about one in 10. However, analyses have shown that the amount of antibodies can quickly disappear after an infection, so the actual value could therefore be higher.


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