Donald Trump: Lessons For America And The World


Here are lessons Americans and the world at large needs to learn in regards to Donald Trump’s leadership style.

Donald Trump Lessons For America And The World
President Donald Trump

The outrageous conspiracy theories of the outgoing President of the United States of America, Donald Trump have exposed the flaws and dangers in the America’s age-long democracy which is approaching its third century. The recent invasion of the Capitol Hill in Washington DC which houses the legislative chambers, just a stone-throw from the US White House, by thugs during a plenary with backing from President Trump is indeed saddening and shameful.

Now, the question begging for answers is: Should Donald Trump go scot-free despite his involvement in sedition and insurrection – treasonable felonies that sent citizens to early graves and almost collapsed democratic institution?

Sensibly, Trump should face the wrath of the laws for deterrence purposes. The laws are no respecter of persons. A political leader who out of inanity incited and mobilized mobs to unleash mayhem leading to deaths of persons is a good candidate for trial on crimes against the people. The mayhem was targeted at the members of the US Congress after the Vice President, Mike Pence declined to tamper with the sacred will of the people.

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Prior to this, Trump had urged the Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger in a telephone conversation to “find 11,780 votes” to enable him to overturn the election results already declared in favour of Democratic Party’s candidate, Joe Biden.

It is therefore logical to conclude that Trump is a psychopath and enemy of the state, thus, should be monitored to avoid causing further damages as Biden’s inauguration approaches. It must be noted Trump has not conceded defeat but vowed to continue the unreasonable fights. People as desperate as this can unleash costly mayhem at a time people least expected. As it stands, uncertainty on what may happen before the inauguration date looms. Recall the Capitol Police was overpowered having been taken unaware. Trump mobilized the thugs and instigated them to proceed to Capitol Building to violently disrupt plenary.

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As it is, the two-step electoral system in the states comprising popular votes and Electoral College should be reviewed as the recent calamities have exposed its vulnerability. Same with Congress’ certification except for mere transmission. Imagine if Pence had bowed to Trump’s conspiracy theories; the victory wouldn’t have been sustained; the election would either be overturned or declared inconclusive against the January 20 – inauguration despite verdicts of 62 courts including the Supreme Court. Now, great lessons to the world – President Trump’s excesses have been manifesting, unsettling long ago from his day-one in office. It culminated, and at a time, in his impeachment by the House of Representatives only to be acquitted by the Senate merely on account of political affiliation and selfish interests. There should always be a boundary between politics and leadership. Public interest should be supreme. Had the Republicans acted astutely and did the needful, the mess and disgrace would have been averted.

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The Republicans’ lack of oversight then fortified Trump’s impunity thereby growing to the present agonizing disaster, the ultimate of which was the desecration of the democratic institution and which has now brought ridicule to America before the global community. Politics should unavoidably, always be played with a sense of responsibility and foresightedness. That over 60 different courts received petitions on Trump/Biden presidential election, yet, concluded in a space of one month is deservedly a tribute to the US judiciary. This must necessarily be noted.

Carl Umegboro, [email protected]