Harry Beal: America’s First Navy SEAL Dies At Age 90


A well-known Somerset County veteran Harry Beal has passed away Tuesday, reports reaching Brainnews has said.

America's First Navy SEAL Dies At Age 90
Harry Beal

Harry Beal, of Meyersdale, America’s first Navy SEAL, died at the age of 90.

According to the Price Funeral Home, Beal, who was born in Meyersdale, died at the Patriot in Somerset. The obituary states that Beal entered the United States Navy in 1948, before becoming part of the underwater demolition team in 1955.

As reported by wjactv, Beal was the first person to volunteer when President John F. Kennedy came calling in 1962 with a new idea to create a special forces unit called the U.S. Navy SEALs, according to The Associated Press.

He retired at age 37 in 1968.

Beal is credited with pulling John Glen out of the water after a space mission.

Last year, a bridge in Meyersdale was named in his honor.