No Red Carpet For Trump On Way Out Of White House – Pentagon


The Pentagon has said that there will be no red carpet for outgoing president, Donald Trump, this is due to maintain public safety.

No Red Carpet For Trump On Way Out Of White House - Pentagon
President Trump

There will be no military-style sendoff for Donald Trump as he leaves the White House on Wednesday, as requested by him.

There will also not be a crowd of supporters” at either the White House, the Joint Base Andrews or his final destination, the Palm Beach International Airport.

According to CNN, the Pentagon has rejected the requests on the grounds of public safety.

Trump successor Joe Biden’s inauguration celebration is also being closed to the public because of the insurrection that Trump encouraged his followers to commit on January 6.

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At this time, over 20,000 National Guard troops will be on patrol in Washington D.C. and the FBI is tracking threats of violence for Trump supporters and other right-wingers who believe Trump’s repeatedly disproven claims that Biden stole the election through an unprecedented nationwide conspiracy of voter fraud.

As Trump goes into oblivion on Wednesday, he still hasn’t conceded that he lost the election. His approval rating has dropped to 29 percent, the lowest point of his presidency.

And he is leaving a bitter man as he is not participating in any of the traditional hand-off rituals that incumbents typically do to welcome newly elected Presidents (like leaving a farewell letter of advice to the new president or having a one-on-one conversation with them).