How To Verify Your Domain On Facebook


By Eyo Nse,

Verifying your domain name on Facebook is very simple, its just takes few steps to complete it.

How To Verify Your Domain On Facebook

Domain verification is a free but essential process that will allow you to register your news Page. By registering your news Page, you can gain access to products and programmes that benefit news publishers.

As such, Facebook has began sending messages to Facebook page owners to verify their domain.

Below is a message from Facebook:

“Registering Brainnews NG as a news Page can give you access to products, policies and programs that benefit news publishers. Before you register, you must verify your business’s domain to protect the integrity of your content on Facebook.

Domain verification is a free, but essential step to claim ownership of your website. This ownership allows you to control the way your content appears on Facebook.”

How To Verify Your Domain On Facebook

How to verify your domain?

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To begin the domain verification – CLICK HERE OR HERE

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How To Verify Your Domain On Facebook