President Joe Biden Cancels Funding For Trump’s Border Wall


United States President Joe Biden has rescinded the national emergency order used to fund Donald Trump’s border wall, stopping one of Trump’s trademark immigration policies.

President Joe Biden Cancels Funding For Trump's Border Wall
President Biden

Trump declared a state of emergency over the southern border in 2019, which allowed him to bypass Congress and use military funds for its construction.

By the time Trump had left office, about $25bn (£18bn) had been spent on the project.

In a letter to Congress on Thursday, February 11, Biden wrote that the order was “unwarranted” and said that no further tax dollars will be spent on the wall.

In the letter, Biden also wrote that he would also seek a review of “all resources appropriated or redirected” to the construction of the wall.

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Ever since Biden became president on January 20, he has made series of executive orders in rebuke of Trump’s agenda.

Last week, Biden signed orders seeking to reunite migrant families split up by the former administration, and ordered a probe of his predecessor’s immigration agenda.

An emergency declaration allows US presidents to bypass the usual political process and to access military funding.

During his his time in office, 80 miles of new barriers were built where there were none before.

President Joe Biden Cancels Funding For Trump's Border Wall