Batch C: Simple Steps To Successfully Take N-Power Test


As N-Power Batch C registration process is ongoing, many applicants are finding it hard to complete some steps, but Brainnews is here to help solve problems of this kind.

Simple Steps To Successfully Take N-Power Test

Applicants have been finding it very difficult to log in and also to submit their records to be able to take the test.

Due to it is a bit time consuming, these simple steps might be of help.

Be informed that you might be seeing stuff like “some error occurred” when trying to submit or proceed. Just wait for some seconds and click again.

Below are the steps to follow:

Simple Steps To Successfully Take N-Power Test

1. Log in to

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2. Move straight to change the password.

3. Type in your email that you used during the registration and send.

Note: click it once and go to your email to receive the link that you will use to change your password. This takes a lot of time maybe hours. So I will advise you to do it at night, say between 12-1 am.

4. Once your password has been changed successfully, you can either proceed to verify your BVN immediately or you can use chrome to continue (I prefer the chrome option).

5. Once your BVN has been verified, you proceed to update your records.

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NOTE: you must have all your important documents in your photo gallery, such are; passport, certificate, ID card and either your NYSC discharged certificate or birth certificate or affidavit or local government certificate. Also, make sure that you only insert your year of graduation (e.g, 2016).

6. click submit.

7. Immediately your records have been successfully submitted, do well to screenshot the ID number.

8. Proceed to take the test.

9. Input your ID number and your password.

The very important thing to note is that the questions are in no way cheap. Your first trial is always the cheapest. Don’t try to retry it might not favour you.