Abia State Governor Warns IPOB Not to Instigate Civil War, Says South East Governors Are on Death Sentence

Governor of Abia State, Okezie Ikpeazu

“They are fighting in the kitchen; by the time the war in the kitchen ends, mama’s pot of soup would have spilled, there will be no plate to eat and everybody would be hungry and eventually it would not serve any good purpose. I don’t understand their strategy.”



The Governor of Abia State, Okezie Ikpeazu, during a visit to the Osasu Igbinedion pan-African television studio in Abuja on Thursday, warned the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) group, of instigating another civil war in the country, which according to him will be of no gain.

He illustrated this with an allegory of a kitchen fight where the mama’s pot of soup is spilled and plates and spoons broken, which at the end, there will be no plate nor spoon to eat with, nor even the food (which has been spilled during the fight) to eat, and then everyone will end up being hungry. What will be the gain of the fight?

Ikpeazu noted that, Some of the things The leader of the secessionists group has said is valid, that it was not wrong for the people to react against marginalization and injustice done to them, but the manner with which the reaction is carried out is what is unworthy.

He said, “People are beginning to think now that some of the issues raised by Nnamdi (Kanu) are valid, if they were issues of injustice, marginalisation and inequality, any part of society has a right to begin to feel cheated or unwanted.

“So, some of those things which Nnamdi said are valid. Some of us can see it. We cannot continue to hide behind a finger. But some of us do not subscribe to his style or strategy, because I do not understand where he is going and how he is going and when he plans to pull the break (-up) and what he wants to achieve.

“If I have a way of conveying my views to the leadership of that group, what I will say is that they should find a way to enter into conversation and let people know.”

The Governor also said that they, the governors of the south east region have been placed under death sentence by the IPOB.

“I am under their fatwa (death sentence) now”, he said, “and some of my brother governors. They say, ‘If you see them, kill them.’”

Ikpeazu while speaking recalled the insurgency and security issues going on in the country, and opined that this issue (insecurity), should be addressed fully and if need be, strategies should be changed for effective results.

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