Debtor Kills Creditor of 100,000 Naira in Anambra State


Report reaching Brainnewspaper today has it that, a 19-year old boy by name Chukwuebuka Iloegbunam was strangled to death by a relative whom he lent 100,000 Naira in Umuleri area of Anambra State.

According to the story, the debtor, Ifeanyi Ezinwa, 29 who is a revenue collector in the town borrowed 100,000 from Chukwuebuka, 19, a provision store owner, in December 2020, and promised to redeem the debt by January 10, 2021, but failed to meet up.

While the creditor persistently requested for his debt to be paid, Ezinwa resorted to killing his creditor and getting him off his face, by calling him on January 15th around 8 p.m to come and get his debt where he accomplished his task.

According to the culprit, after being arraigned by the Police, he had used the community’s revenue which he used to collect for elderly people of the community on market days, and then borrowed Chukwuebuka 100,000 Naira to replace it so that he would not be sacked if discovered, while failing to redeem the debt as promised, and being disturbed by the owner, he thought he should silence him.

” I cannot explain the devil that entered me”, he said.

He bought a bread and put a knife in it, and called Chukwuebuka by 8 p.m to come to Umuleri Technical School where he lured him to a lonely path and tried stabbing him.

Although, Chukwuebuka being quick enough fought back and got the knife from him and stabbed him instead, he resorted to strangling the boy, and eventually killed him.

After the act, he ran to the community and lied that they were attacked, in which case he survived, showing his injuries.

But the next day, the chairman of security in the community, came with the police and arrested him, where he later confessed.

This is the account he gave according to Punchng:
“I am married with three children. I dropped out of secondary school at SS2, months after my father died. I learnt how to drive and started driving commercial buses. It was not easy for me. About two years ago, some of our kinsmen invited me to work for the community. I am a revenue collector for the elderly men in the community.

“We have markets and every trader is expected to pay a certain amount of money. I spent part of the money I collected. I knew I would lose my job if they noticed a shortage. It was out of desperation that I approached Chukwuebuka (Iroegbunam) who ran a provision store in our village. He is my relative. We are from the same kindred in Umuleri. I borrowed N100,000 from him in December 2020 and promised to pay back on January 10. I could not meet up with the deadline and he kept disturbing me and threatened to report me to the Igwe (king).

“I made up my mind to silence him. I bought a loaf of bread and hid a sharp knife in it. I called him to meet me at Aguleri junction around 8pm. He came with an okada man and I asked the rider to go.

“There are bushes around the school and people hardly pass through the route. I immediately brought out the knife. He saw me on time and started fighting. He took the knife and stabbed me before I grabbed his neck and strangled it. I ran to the palace and the Igwe of Umuleri was not around. I told the security men I met that I was attacked by armed robbers and they asked me to go to the hospital for treatment.

“The next day, the chairman of security in our community came with the police and arrested me. They found Iroegbunam’s body but I insisted that we were attacked. I eventually told the police the truth. I cannot explain the devil that entered me.”

Wisdom Peter