How To Detect Fake N-Power Links And Websites


By Eyo Nse,

Brainnews returns today to reveal hidden secrets you never knew about N-Power fake links.

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There are many fake links out there pretending to be N-Power, but a careful observation will reveal that there are actually fake.

Below are ways to detect fake N-Power links or websites:

1. It comes with a hidden links

A fake N-power link will come with a hidden like e.g, etc.

Brainnews, urge you to avoid links of this kind in order not to get scammed.

2. N-Power will never send a text message

Majority of N-Power processes uses email verification and not text messages.

Scammers uses text messages because it is easy to get their victim, this is due to the fact that mobile users engages more on text messages than email services.

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1. Brainnews uses this time to wish all N-Power Batch C participants success in their application process.

2. Avoid untrusted links.

3. Use N-Power verified social media pages for updates.

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How To Detect Fake N-Power Links And Websites


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