Man Who Collects People’s Manhood Caught and Arrested in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State



They use to say 99 days for the thief, one day for the owner.

A man, whose identity is not clearly stated due to the atmosphere of the day was caught yesterday, 17th April, at Atai Obio Offot, along God’swill Akpabio International Stadium, Uyo for collecting people’s manhood.

According to victims and eye witnesses, the man went around distributing coupon, lotto and other betting tips which were won by those who played.

They say, once you play and win the game, or even accept to play the tip he gave, you’ll lose your manhood.

One of the victims is said to have realised he was not feeling okay, and decided to go meet his wife.

On meeting his wife, he decided to try having se-x with her but couldn’t get erection, he at once took a keke back and hopefully met the man who was still roaming around the street.

Our correspondent who was present at that moment reports that, the man came out from the keke and dragged the suspect, screaming that he collected his manhood.

The suspect was dragged into the keke and taken to where he first met those people he gave game tips.

He was beaten to comma before the Itam Police Command came and arraigned him.

It was at the police station that he confessed that he actually collected those people’s manhood, and it was meant for money ritual.

One of the victims by name Saturday, who works as a mechanical engineer in the area, gave his own account of the incidence.
He said, “I didn’t know at all what was happening that day, it was my colleagues at work who came and told me about it, knowing I had collected the tip too and played it, which ofcourse I won.

“I didn’t believe it, they forced me to watch porn and see if my manhood will react, I did, and it was funny. I was so scared.

“In order to be sure of it, my friends took me to a brothel, were I paid 2000 naira, and got a lady who went naked and tried to instigate me into having sex, but to my shock, I couldn’t get an erection.

“From then we went to the police station the man was taken to, and when I reached there, furiously I kicked the man who was sitting curled up on the floor and asked him to give me back my manhood.

“The man asked if I was among, that he doesn’t know me. So I explained to him, he told me to bring 500 Naira and salt, where he’ll do some things and my manhood will be returned.

“I told him I don’t have 500 Naira and salt, I gave him the 100 Naira I had with me, he did some things and told me to go that my manhood has been returned.

“Before I came there, other victims had already come and left after he returned their manhood.

“We have been instructed by the police to come back the next day and confirm if everything is fine while the culprit is detained”, Saturday said.

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