Manchester United Fans Renew Hopes For The Premier League Title


Six games remaining for the premier to end its 2020/2021 season, with Manchester City atop the league table, edging second placed Manchester United with 8 points now, after Sunday, 18th, match with Burnley FC.

The match with Burnley FC which took place at Old Trafford saw Manchester United close the gaps with top placed Manchester city, as they won 3-1 with goals from Greenwood (2) and Cavani.

Manchester United fans are beginning to regain hopes of snatching the league title from Manchester city who are already 8 points clear.

The Red Devils, during January, had climbed top of the league table, but failed to hold still, allowing Manchester city edge again.

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The fans had also lost every hopes of the team competing the league title with Manchester City when they lost at home to Sheffield United on the 27th of January.

Manchester United since 2013 when they last lifted the league trophy and with Sir Alex Ferguson leaving the club, it became often very hard to make the top four in a single season.

This season, the team seem to be fluctuating, not maintaining a stable form. But Ole Solzkjar, thw current manager, is very much applauded for reaching a feat his predecessors couldn’t reach.

Fans have criticized and demanded the sacking of Ole, at most times, he surprises the fans, which makes them retain some love and hopes on him.

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The hopes of the fans have been renewed after the 3-1 win against now 17th placed Burnley.

Manchester city will be playing Aston villa in their next premier league match, and would extend the gap to 11 points if they win.