Trading Of Human Parts From Nigeria to China – Reps To Begin Investigations


The Nigerian House of Representatives during a sitting on Thursday agreed on investigating a motion adopted by its members, Rimamnde Kwewum (PDP-Taraba) and co-sponsored by Rep. Olajide Olatubosun (APC-Oyo).

Rimamnde Kwewum while speaking said, about two weeks ago, Chinese authorities seized a cargo ship that sailed from Nigeria with 7,200 refrigerated penis’ and that they were found in 36 boxes labelled as plantain on the ship that harboured at the Shanghai port called Red Market.

As quoted by The Guardian, Kwenum said, “The media was awash a few years ago with horrifying stories of the harvest of organs of Nigerians and other Africans stranded in Libya for sale in Europe, the Middle East, America and China.

“Aware that the increasing cases of missing persons, ritual killings and trafficking of persons out of the country may be linked to the Red Market which can be attributed to the trafficking of young men and women who end up being victims of organ harvesting;

“Also aware that the increased banditry, kidnappings and spiralling violence in several parts of the country today make those parts of the country vulnerable and provide safe havens and ready supply channels for the illicit activities.

“Cognisant that the International Community has made efforts to curb the menace of Red Market, such as the Istanbul Declaration urging professionals to put an end to the unethical actions where organs of unfortunate victims of economic migrants and human trafficking in Europe and the Middle East are ripped off, thereby constituting a gross abuse of the rights to life of those Nigerians.

“Convinced that if nothing is done to curb this criminal act, more criminals will set up shops dealing in human organs in Nigeria, taking advantage of the insecurity in the country,” he said.”

The rep added that the harvest of organs could only be done by medical surgeons with the aid of rogue public officials and that perpetrators of the illicit trade generated between US$ 600 million to US$ 1.2 billion profit annually.

He therefore called for investigations, of which the Deputy Speaker of the House, Rep Ahmed Wase, mandated the Committees on Human Rights and National Security and Intelligence to investigate the illicit trade known as Red Market and report back within 10 weeks.


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