Two African Countries Among Top 20 World Facebook Users; Guess which?


Our world today is becoming more and more digital as years evolve.

Since the inception of the internet, and it’s alluring enthusiasm which people of the world cannot avoid, it could be believed that if the internet were to be no more, life would be tiresome, boring and dull.

There sure would be an increase in depression, which would lead to people committing suicides.

This is not just about the internet, but the social media, which has become a component of our lives.

Year by year the number of internet and facebook users are increasing in numbers throughout the world, including third world countries in Africa.

What is making this thing unavoidable that even religious extremists who preach about it’s evilness (as they claim it to be) find it difficult to abstain from it?
That isn’t where we are going.

Recently, statistics has it that, continent Africa is growing more users of the internet and facebook. This is as a result of their massive population which takes 16.72 percent of the total world population of 7.8 billion.
2021 statistics shows Africa’s current population as 1,365,294,522, according to United Nations estimations.

In the top 10 internet users in Africa 2021, according to InternetWorldStats, Nigeria which is atop is leading second placed Egypt by approximately 99.5 million.

In the last 10 years, records show that Nigeria has always been on edge.

It is not surprising to see Nigeria leading. For it’s web engagement even among its youths is known worldwide and its ever increasing population.
Egypt is ahead of Nigeria on African countries facebook users statistics. However as noted by NTA, the distribution of Facebook users in Nigeria is projected to overtake Egypt within several years, as the year-to-year growth rate seems to have slowed in Egypt compared to Nigeria.

For current Top 20 leading countries based on facebook users, as given by InternetWorldStats and Statista, Nigeria is 19th on the pie, Egypt is ninth, whereas at the apex is India.


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