Students of The University of Uyo Embark on Procession To Mourn Murdered Iniubong Umoren – Videos/Photos



Late Comr. Iniubong Umoren A.K.A Hiny Department of Philosophy University of Uyo.

The entire students of the University of Uyo on Wednesday took on a procession to mourn Comrade Iniubong Umoren, a graduate of Philosophy who was recently raped and murdered.

The movement started at the Institution’s Town Campus, down to the annex campus, through Ikpa road.

The procession which sparked emotions among the students and onlookers for a news that has been on trend and already known across the continent was approved by the Institution’s authority as a necessary action which ofcourse the students were all willing to embark.

The students as planned all put on Blacks singing emotional dirges for the deceased.

It is reported that students of the Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU) joined the procession in courtesy of Hiny’s elder brother.

One of the students of the University during an interview session with a Brainnewspaper correspondent said, “God should be blamed. I can’t imagine me being God, seeing the stress students undergo throughout their academic years and then do not let them live on to enjoy. Hiny was my senior colleague.

“God should have saved her from the hands of that murderers, how does God expect her parents to be happy. The parents gave birth to her and thanked God for a child and fought with all means to make sure she got the education she needed in a country that does not even value it and maybe get a better life thereafter.

The student who identified himself as a level 300 student of the department of Philosophy, University of Uyo continued speaking; “She had hopes, she had dreams, but now look at where it has all ended. Why should we even say God knows best? Why shouldn’t we question God? Who should we question if not God?

“This is so unfair”, the student said, “and the Government should be blamed too for this. They have failed the youths, failed its citizens, now look at where we are. Will we ever be safe in this country? Boko Haram, Herdsmen, Hoodlums, rapists, kidnappers, etc, will we ever be safe in this country?

“And to the guy that murdered Hiny, well, I know the heart of men is evil, but you’re a disappointment to humanity, to the two people that brought you to this world, and if you’re not given a painful death as should be, karma is waiting for you,” the student said.



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