20 year old AC Milan Player Seid Visin Commits suicide, Leaves A Note Behind


All of football gathers to mourn the demise of former AC Milan youth player Seid Visin, who commited suicide after repeated extreme racial abuse

20 year old Milan talent Seid Visin commited suicide. He wrote this to his psychologist and friends a while ago: “I was adopted as a child. I remember that everyone loved me, wherever I was and wherever I went, everyone talked to me with happiness, respect and curiosity.”
“Now it seems everything has turned upside down. Wherever I go, wherever I am, I feel like I have a block of weight on my shoulders from the sceptical, disgusted and scared looks of the person.”
I found a job that I had to leave because too many persons, specially older, refused to be served by me. As if the situation wasn’t awkward enough, I’d be told that I was responsible for why many young Italians don’t find jobs. Inside of me something changed. ”
“As if I was ashamed of being black, as if I was scared to be seen as an immigrant. As if I had to show people who didn’t know me that I was just like them, that I was Italian, white.”
“I don’t want to beg for compassion or pity, I just want to remind myself about the discomfort and suffering I’m living”.
Rest in peace
We need to start being more serious about this.
People say players should ignore abuse and act like it is easy but mental health is a real thing and it needs to be raised awareness about.
Wherever you see it, ACT!

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