Court Sentences Former Lawmaker, Farouk Lawan To Seven Years In Prison


An Abuja High Court has sentence a former member of the House of Representatives, Farouk Lawan to seven years in jail.

Farouk Lawan sentence to jail

Lawan, during preliminary on Tuesday was seen as blameworthy of court one, two, and three irritating on corruptly requesting and acquiring same from Femi Otedola, to excuse Zenon Petroleum and Gas Limited from the rundown of organizations in the fuel appropriation trick.

Court one expressed that the previous director of the House of Reps specially appointed board on Petroleum Subsidy system corruptly requested the Chairman from Zenon Petroleum and Gas Limited, Femi Otedola, for a pay off of $3 million as an incitement to eliminate the name of his organization from the report of the House of Representatives Ad-hoc Committee on checking of fuel endowment system.

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The managing judge, Justice Angela Otaluka, noticed that the proof recorded and submitted under the steady gaze of the court by the indictment counsel, stay unshaken during questioning.

The adjudicator additionally noticed that the direct, reactions, and entries of the respondent and witnesses, for this situation, build up the charge in the court.

Court two expressed that the respondent gathered the amount of $500,000 as a pay off to absolve Zelon petrol and gas from the fuel appropriation test report.

Justice Otaluka added that the litigant requested an equilibrium of installment, in the wake of getting the first and second tranche of the installment, and as at the early long periods of 24th April 2012 when the charged got the subsequent tranche, no protest was made to any security organization or against debasement offices, as he guarantees he acknowledged the cash to show as proof before the house.

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The appointed authority further said the litigant neglected to persuade the court that his acknowledgment of the said pay off was to fill in as proof before the House Committee that the Chairman of Zelon Petroleum needs to pay off the Committee associated with the test.

For court one and two the court condemned Lawan to seven years while for check three he was condemned to five years.

The sentences are to run simultaneously.

The court likewise requested that the respondent return the amount of $500,000 to the Federal Government.