Exposed: Angela Nwosu Explains Mystery Behind Her ‘Blue eyes’ Bracelet


Popular traditionalist, Angela Nwosu has taken to her Facebook page to explain in detail how her blue eyes (bead) works. The traditionalist who believes in positivity said she uses it to attract positivity, adding that her product is neither evil nor fetish.

Angela Nwosu
Traditionalist, Angela Nwosu

“The difference between my blue eyes and others. For people coming to tell me they want the one that will make men do whatever they want mine is for men and women, while others are for women alone.

“mine is fortified with the owner’s name, for protection against evil eyes and good luck. It’s not kanyanmata”

She further added, “mine will prevent the men from being charmed or manipulated by women or others, it’s not juju. Men buy it as much as women. Kids wear mine too.

“With these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to explain the difference between mine and theirs? – she said.

This is to confirm that she is not a traditionalist for money making but to help mankind.

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