Fear In Akwa Ibom As Cult Activities Take Over Schools


Parents, guardians and different residents of Akwa Ibom State have communicated trepidation over the rate at which cultism has kept on raising in the State in spite of its ban the Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, a senior and Deacon in Qua Iboe church.

Cult Activities Take Over Schools

Review that Governor Emmanuel, stressed by the increment in cultism in the State, prohibited 65 faction gatherings and immediately endorsed into law the cultism and other fierce Behaviour(prohibition) request, 2020 for the State.

He had additionally at various events said that no realized cultists will succeed him or be an individual from his bureau, ordering his nominees to freely reprimand cultism.

What is more troubling and unfortunate presently is that essential and optional school understudies, especially in Public schools have been trapped in the snare of cultism.

Numerous parents who talked with our reporter in Uyo communicated reservations over this revolting episode raising it’s head in the State.

A parent in Ewet Technical School Uyo, Monday Akpan said he trusted on God to shield his youngsters from according to these cultists in schools as he didn’t have the assets to select his wards into a tuition based school.

He said, “I dread for our general public and the group of people yet to come. This issue of cultism is intense here despite the fact that they said the Governor restricted it at some point back. Yet, what will I do since I don’t have the way to send my three kids to non-public schools.

“I’ll continue supplicating that the eyes of the mischievous don’t see them on the grounds that something like this was not in presence when we went to class. I didn’t join faction bunches when I was in school and I’ve advised my youngsters not to do as such however to zero in on their examinations.”

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Another occupant of Uyo, Anthony Obi said despite the fact that his business isn’t progressing nicely, he should crush out something to send his two kids to a tuition based school because of the dread of commencement into cultism.

‘”A circumstance where an elementary school student will join cultism shows that we are now in a difficult situation,” he added.

Schools are intended to be the fortress of learning and where characters are formed, tragically, switch is the situation as certain schools have been transformed into cave of commencement or where evil demonstrations are executed by cultists.

The head of Community Secondary School, Idung Iniang in Eket nearby government region, Akwa Ibom State, in a meeting deplored that his school has become a rendevouz for inception of understudies which as per him were typically done befoee understudies and educators.

The Principal said sadly, they had to observe powerlessly as the school grounds are defiled as well as has become permeable and a simple getaway course for the hoodlums.

Mr Abraham said, “The school is a fortification for cultists, they come here to start youngsters even while classes are in meeting in the early evening. You will see them from the bramble with mufti and keeping in mind that you are pursuing them thusly, they go out the alternate way.

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“I have answered to the town. They made an honest effort however the cash isn’t there. We even gotten the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC), yet the cash they were requesting was excessively, and the Parents Teachers Association (PTA), said they would not have such sum to pay. You realize we are in a period where we are not allowed to gather cash from understudies.

“Now and again, in any event, during exercise, a few understudies run into the shrub. What are they doing in the hedge? Or then again on occasion, the educator enters the class, you see them running out, where are they going to? Most likely, going to the shrubs to be started or do a wide range of terrible things in the day time. When something to that effect occurs in the school, you realize the climate isn’t actually alright.

On how the school deals with the issue of cultism and cultists, he said the educators are mindful to guests coming into the school during school hours.

“On the off chance that we see somebody like that since they do come in mufti, and you realize you can similarly know somebody by their dressing, so when we see such individual, the educators, generally the male instructors approach them and get some information about the thing they are doing in the school.

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“in the event that it’s what I can’t deal with, I will include the vigilante bunch locally and they can come in.

“We discipline the understudies when we see them act in any case. I question understudies who are outside their study halls during school hours. You see some of them holding various types of things like scarf..We circumvent gathering the scarfs from them, whip the individuals who dress at any rate, and seek after them into their classes.”

However, a portion of the understudies cultists have become so fierce and destructive that they can challenge any one who attempts to upset their exercises.

Just yesterday, Thursday June 24, a few understudies cultists in Uyo High School set out to kill their head, Mr. Micheal Etuk for capturing and confining a portion of their individuals in the police headquarters.

The understudies were said to have dropped a note and some fixation protests before the vital’s office, allowing him 24 hours final proposal to consent to their interest or would be made to confront their rage which will be eradication of his family and him.

This danger agreeing Edet James, a parent in Uyo High School ought not be underestimated as those young men implied each word they said.

The parent who called for satisfactory security and insurance for the chief asked the State government to handle this danger head-first.

In the mean time, the school has been closed down for the interim.