“If I Can’t Access Twitter In Nigeria, I Can Access It From U.S.A In Nigeria” – Twitter User Claims As He Lists A Host Of Free VPNs


A Nigerian Twitter user has claimed that of the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari goes on to suspend the operation of the foreign media company Twitter in the country, he still has alternative which he can make use of to operate his Nigerian Twitter account.

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He went on to futher list free Virtual Private Networka (VPNs) that are available for free of charge. He stated it in a way to mock president Muhammadu Buhari’s Tweet.

It’s it will be unbearable for our country to suspend and loose a company that worth more than $50 billion because of the recklessness of our leaders in the country. It will create a wide part of unemployment and hardship upon the citizens who make ends meet for them through twitter.

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