Man Left Heartbroken As Wife Absconds With His 3 Children Since 3yrs Ago


A man who pleded to be kept anonymous has taken his discomfort to cry out through the social media. According to him, he has been away from his wife for 3 years, yet he has no hope of reunion.

Narrating his sorrow, he said that he loves her with all his life. He doesn’t know the reason she left him, together with his three kids.

According to him, the last time she set her eyes on him was when he accompanied her to the airport to board a flight. Since then, she neither picks his calls nor care about his well being.

“I’m a wealthy man. My wife didn’t lack anything. I opened a school in her name. She’s managing it alone. I only intervened anytime she’s having a security challenge and my support. We have fleet of cars” – he said.

The man disclosed that he has been advised by many people to get over the marriage and marry another woman. Narrating futher in tears he recounted that he has never lifted a finger to beat her. He has never cheated on her, including the period they have been away. It’s all up to God to have the final say, never force things happen.