Nigeria To Share Excess Power Generated With 4 Neighbouring Countries


Nigeria is currently in negotiations with 4 West African countries to sell unused Electricity to them through a planned $570 million Northcore Power Transmission Line.

As learnt by Brainnewspaper, The acting Managing Director of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) and Chairman, Executive Board of the West African Power Pool (WAPP), Engr. Sule Ahmed Abdulaziz, stated this on Wednesday during the WAPP meeting on the Northcore project in Abuja.

In the course of development reports stated that about 2K megawatts (MW) of electricity was reported unused on a daily basis across the Generation Companies (GenCos) in Nigeria and could be traded with other countries to generate more revenue.

“The power we will be selling is the power that is not needed in Nigeria. These generators that are going to supply power to this transmission line are going to generate that power specifically for this project. So it is unutilised power,” he said.

He also noted that Nigeria is expecting new generators to participate in the energy export for the 875 kilometre 330 kilovolts Northcore transmission line from Nigeria through Niger, Togo, Benin to Burkina Faso.

“In addition, there are some communities that are under the line route, about 611 of them which will be getting power so that there won’t be just a transmission line passing without impact,” he said. This will ensure that the country maximizes the opportunity to give some areas electricity.

Abdulaziz said the project which was kick-started by World Bank, French Development Council and the African Development Bank, has achieved a remarkable progress. Saying that the energy ministers will be addressing security issues for the project at a meeting in Abuja on Thursday.

In an added benefit, the WAPP chairman explained that Nigeria has advantage over this project. He said more jobs are going to be created which will help address the unemployment status in the country.