Nigeria’s Population Will Become A Liability If We Don’t Get It Right Before 2050 – Former President, Obasanjo


Former President, Obasanjo has said that Nigeria’s population will become a liability if we don’t get it right before 2050.

Nigeria's Population Will Become A Liability If We Don't Get It Right Before 2050 - Former President, Obasanjo
Olusegun Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has raised alarm of Nigeria’s population becoming a big issue in 2050 if things are not done rightly now.

Speaking at an event in Ogun state on Sunday June 27, the former President called for population management to ensure we have a population that won’t become a liability.

Obasanjo said;

“If we continue, by the year 3000, we will be the largest country in the world. Now, what are we going to do to handle the situation? How are we going to handle that population?

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“If we don’t start getting it right now, we will not get it right by 2050. But population by itself may not be a liability if we do what we have to do. But if we don’t do what we have to do – which we are not doing now – the population will become a liability.

“We should educate ourselves about population management. Some people don’t like family planning and all that, but whatever you do, you must manage your population for the benefit of all that is within your nation.”


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