Northern Elders Worried About Igbo Leaders Silence-IPOB


Pan Arewa socio-political organized under the aegis of Northern Elders Forum, on Monday, approached Igbo pioneers to sway individuals from the Indigenous People of Biafra advocating withdrawal to sheathe their blades to try not to incite another common conflict in Nigeria.

Northern Elders Worried About Igbo Leaders Silence-IPOB

The association said the Northern chiefs have settled not to permit any conflict again in the country as every one of the ethnic gatherings were a casualty of the Nigerian common conflict (1967-1970).

NEF Director of Publicity and Advocacy, Dr Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, who said these during a press instructions in Abuja, notwithstanding, expressed that the quietness of Igbo pioneers was not, at this point brilliant given the supposed regular murdering of Northerners in Igboland.

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He said, “Political forerunners in the South East seem to have submitted to brutality and dread of IPOB and ESN. Quieted voices of millions of Igbo can’t be heard with the goal that individual Nigerians could comprehend how much withdrawal by the Igbo addresses the mainstream decision.

“This country has needed to battle a horrible conflict to safeguard the country. The North had satisfied its obligations in that conflict, as to be sure it did from numerous points of view since the commencement of the country. Under our present conditions, no Nigerian should invite another conflict to keep the nation together.


“The North, specifically, has a sizable amount of difficulties, and we perceive that rough severance by any piece of Nigeria will intensify the issues all Nigerians live with.

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“It won’t be the most ideal decision for the Igbo or Nigerians to leave a country we have all worked to construct and a country we as a whole have a duty to fix. However, it won’t help a nation previously troubled with disappointments on its knees to battle another conflict to keep the Igbo in Nigeria.

“The Forum demands that assaults and killings of Northerners and Federal Government workers and obliteration of public resources should stop. The individuals who have been engaged with it should be captured and indicted.

“In contrast to the stances and smugness of the heads of the South East, we prompt that all Igbo and other ethnic gatherings from the South dwelling in the North ought to be concurred the standard cordiality and security.

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“The National Assembly ought to investigate extra roads for taking advantage of conclusions that can help change genuine constraints to the Federal framework before the 2023 decisions.

“The North will examine all issue identified with protected changes/rebuilding with the administration of the country and different gatherings who see their quality later on for Nigeria.”