Social Media Is a “curse” To Democracy


It’s not hidden, it’s a fact and its results are in constant manifestation. The interrelationship between countries in the world is 90% fuelled by the existence of Social media.

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A lot of curses have been brought to the doorstep of every household in Nigeria as a result of the unregulated social media platforms in circulation. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp are some of the renowned social media platforms boosting its existence, creating a negative impact on the globe.

The curse of social media on democracy centers on its use to abuse the freedom of speech. The freedom to make a speech is undoubted, one of the bedrock of every democratic government.

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In recent years in Nigeria, since the advent of social media, hate speech has been on the rise. Every citizen of Nigeria has access to the world of social media.

We are abusing the use of social media, thus using it to promote hate speech and violence to the core. Social media has now turned into a battlefield for tribalism, prejudice, and ethnicity. When these are present, what do you expect? Our country is in a terrible mess than ever. Government officials are camouflaging under the roof of social media to carry out their dubious actions. Anyone can fake whatever he or she wishes on social media without restriction or query.

Most youths are on Facebook not to encourage democracy, but to maximize the opportunity and achieve the best of their interest. No other industry is growing fast as the entertainment niche. Social media has diverted the mindset of our youths towards entertainment instead of channeling it to democratic development and sustainability.

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Furthermore, another social media threat to the success of democracy is the issue of “fake news”. It has already eaten up transparency, accountability, and the trust of democracy in Nigeria. Social media is being used unanimously by people who claim to be democratic, to pass fake news to the world.

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Possible solutions

In my personal opinion,There’s a need for deep sensitization of the masses, indicating to them the relevance of social in today’s digital world.

Non-profit, NGOs, media companies, pressure groups, and all other governmental institutions should join power and work hand-to-hand to achieve the common goal. Democracy is not a one-man government, everyone is responsible.