Some Ghana Politicians Are Not Helping Their Citizens- Josh Alabi


Former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Professional Studies – Accra (UPSA) has said that a few lawmakers in Ghana are not at all aiding the residents of the country.

Ghanaian politicians are not helping matters

This, as indicated by Prof Joshua Alabi, is because of the untruthful idea of the government officials.

The previous Minister of State for Greater Accra said in light of the fact that legislators and top political heads of the State are once in a while supported even in their bad behaviors, the commendation gets into their heads and retrains them from offering quality assistance to Ghanaians when anticipated.

“For instance when you see a senior political pioneer pardon me to say delivering his pee by the side of the road, whiles expected to go the washroom, when I talk a few group will say he is on the right track to do that. This is the degree that legislative issues has gone to in this country and besides, we are not giving individuals quality assistance,” he revealed to Ayisha Ibrahim on PM Express, Friday.

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He added that “it’s dismal in this country the manner in which we’ve taken governmental issues and besides, we have permitted lawmakers to have their direction.”

The NDC sturdy said the nation has arrived at a level where things are retrogressing as opposed to pushing ahead in view of affectation with respect to its residents and pioneers.

“Just the bad-to-the-bone government officials will reveal to me the nation isn’t descending due to where he sits and on the off chance that it NDC in power I will say exactly the same thing we are not doing acceptable support of individuals,” he said.

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Prof Alabi, remarking on the continuous discussion about the Free SHS strategy, said the program is a smart thought however has execution challenges.

“Who said Free SHS strategy is an impractical notion? Is anything but an impractical notion however the execution is the place where the discussion is to guarantee that during the time spent carrying out it will give individuals quality assistance is the issue.”

He recommended that for the approach to work successfully, a partner meeting ought to be held with all ideological groups present to help with drawing out a diagram of how to keep the free SHS strategy running in spite of an adjustment of political authority.

“The difficult you are seeing is anything but a one-man head, it is a major issue and we ought to cut down our pride and presumption we all, all ideological groups with the goal that nobody wins tomorrow and attempts to change what someone has done,” he said.